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Thread: another stolen SER added to the list

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2011-02-12 17:44:34
hey man

post the name of the guy that stole your car.
2011-02-13 01:55:31
Im waiting for the fool to come back my house again. Ive gotta suprise. i have got over 12k some busted knuckles, a few stiches in mine and aint no one gonna take it without a pow pow if ya know what i mean
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2011-02-13 23:32:46
?? I'm lOst someone tried taking it shit?
2011-02-24 00:36:43
Any updates?
2011-02-24 00:46:35
Still Waiting
2011-02-24 03:43:05
Originally Posted by Rodrigo
Alarms help ,but theifs will stalk you and get you when you least expect .
a good solution is LO JACK https://store.lojack.com/product.aspx?zpid=342&mode=review

its expensive but if you want your car back you will have it , unless its in a D Container on the way out of the country on a ship.

regardless , its expensive but works it includes the first 2 years for $695
and $100 every year after the 2 years.

if i had over 10k in my car i would not even think twice.

you guys should hop on this....not a bad deal..serioulsy.
2011-02-25 04:32:01
Who is it???? make it public
2011-02-25 13:06:55
He will once the investigation is over.
2011-04-22 14:31:30
Just read this, man that sucks! Guess it's time to clean the garage to make room to park in the garage cause insurance probably won't pay enough.

BTW-what's the status?

Silver Streak
2011-04-22 14:54:31
Still being investigated. If anyone knows by now I'm pretty sure it is known by the mods.

BTW Jimmy.... share some info with Eggman. I'm wondering if it might be the same guy that nailed him. Just an idea...
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