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Thread: Transmission parts

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2010-07-06 13:07:07
Transmission parts
Anyone have spare transmission parts laying around? I figured I'd tear apart my old P10t transmission and find out what's wrong with it. Looks like the main shaft is kinda messed up, so if anyone has a main shaft laying around...let me know.

2010-07-06 14:09:39
Serban need the pinion shaft that goes to the ring gear. This is the shaft that all the gears can be pressed off.

The pinion shaft he needs is from either

91-99 Sentra SER, 200SX SER or Sentra SE-L

94-96 G20T

99 G20T
2010-07-06 15:07:45
i have a p10 non lsd tranny up for grabs. shoot me a pm if ur interested
2010-07-06 15:32:03
I think that gear on the shaft is different for the non lsd. I need a P10t, or b13/b14 lsd part.
2010-07-06 15:43:36
i have a b13 tranny with pop out
2010-07-06 16:11:44
I don't need the whole tranny, just the shaft, that's why I'm hoping people have spare parts laying around.
2010-07-06 16:28:42
Originally Posted by D-Unit121
i have a p10 non lsd tranny up for grabs. shoot me a pm if ur interested

The 91-93 non LSD tranny will not work from the P10 as it has a diffrent ring and pinion gear ratio
2010-07-07 01:57:41
damn seban i had that in my garage for a while now just tossed it out while cleanin up my garage damn ill cheack my trash to see if it still there
2010-07-07 02:34:07
$25 and you can have my old b13 LSD tranny
2010-07-08 15:31:12
I'll take the whole trans for $25.
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