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Thread: which is a swap for the money?!?

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2010-01-19 00:41:05
which is a swap for the money?!?
I am thinking about buying a 240 here pretty soon and doing a swap... I need some advice from people who know these cars better than myself which is a better bang for your buck. an RB series or SR series... and what body style and motor/trans goes best....

Any help???
2010-01-19 00:46:01
i would do a 2j swap...
2010-01-19 00:48:19
i would say to do research for a couple of months before actually buying an engine... try to get of list of everything that is needed per engine swap and how much everything would cost... also think about how much hp are you looking for... and is this going to be a daily driver... theres a lot of question/research you need to do before even thinking of doing a swap... imho
2010-01-19 00:48:35
and out of left field comes the 2j swap lol why would you pick a 2j.... that would cost a pretty penny..
2010-01-19 00:50:15
I would not buy a 240. Just saying.
2010-01-19 00:50:34
Thats why I joined this forum... to ask questions and see what people with more experience in this have to say about the idea. and Advice... tune shops... websites for parts, motors and cars would be great... any advice at all would be great!
2010-01-19 00:58:41
why do you want a 240SX? and please dont say for drifting...
2010-01-19 01:02:20
not at all. I love the style of the car. I love RWD. I love the power they can hold and they are ****ing sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I want to put a silvia front end on a s13. I'm looking for advice not a joke fest or to be interigated on why i like 240's
2010-01-19 01:09:43
no problem... this is probably one of the best forums for you to get info on.. just to mention another one sr20forum.com.. you wont get that much love here because most forum member here have FWD cars B14 = 200SX/B13 = Sentra 2 door se-r/NX/P10 = 1991-1996 G20/P11 1999-2002 G20/ and there are a couple of S13/S14/S15 owners out there.. Ive had a B14 and S14 before personally if i were to choose a project car i would probably go with the B13. the lightest out of all and if your looking for real power...

2010-01-19 01:11:17
you can get good cheap parts here.. best person to get anything from i would say andreas miko... but other members are good as well...
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