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Thread: Another Stolen SE-R

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2009-07-18 15:55:21
Another Stolen SE-R
Another B13 got stolen last night in Miramar. It's white with white 17's with a polished lip, black sunny 2 foglight front bumper, and champian color sunny back bumper. They stole from the wrong person. I Hope the cops find them before he does. Maybe it's better if he finds them first . Alot of people are looking into this.
2009-07-18 16:17:20
check downsouth.... like carribean down south. ghouls area.
2009-07-18 16:26:13
Damn, I thought this ended a while ago. Hopefully they find the car and the assholes that stole it.
2009-07-18 16:30:43
damn this is still going on?? i remember there was like a 20+ thread bout that a while back of stolen sentras
2009-07-18 16:33:49
This sucks hope they find the car and hopefully with everything it had.
2009-07-18 16:42:03
It sucks cause all the car had was rims and bumpers. If they can steal it just for that, who knows what else they would steal for. It was a stock DE motor.
2009-07-18 16:47:37
wow last they were all DETs I guess they were after the bumpers this time idk why? Im trying to get rid of mine cheap az fuk lol

Hope they find it. But yeah check south south.
2009-07-18 18:43:17
bullets go faster then jdm bumpers.
2009-07-18 19:15:54
Damn that sucks. Keep your cars safe guys. Cheap bastards more than likely took the car for the bumpers.
2009-07-18 20:38:08
WTF i saw a white B13 yesterday with 4 Fog and White rims. WOW, i live down in the ghouls/homestead area
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