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Thread: How To: Install NEMU Board into B13 ECU

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2012-02-15 19:25:51
Keep em coming man, their really well put together and I DEFINITELY need to learn the in's and out's of NismoTronic, preferably before I get it so I don't waste any time having to learn it when I get it
2012-02-15 20:26:03
Originally Posted by SentraThis96
I am in the middle of reading your build thread Vadim, How have you liked the Nemu and NismoTronic? Are you still using the STI injectors? What MAF?

I've been running the NEMU for a few months, it's been great, I haven't even gotten into more serious features like ADC Inputs, I'm just now starting to touch Ouputs and switched my car from using a MSD Window Switch (VVL Switch) to a using the ECU! Being able to switch cams based on TPS, RPM, CLT, and Speed is very nice too (MSD your restricted to RPM switching only).

NismoTronic has also been very good to me. It is one of the few tuning software's that support AEM UEGO's. Before I was using Nissan Data Scan for data logging, and then TunerPro. Neither could do the proper Wideband logging, so I had to stare at the gauge as I pressed on the gas... .
Another thing that really helps is how responsive John is to my feature requests. If I asked for something stupid, which I'm sure I do often, John gave me a good reason why that wouldn't work .

I'm still running STI injectors and am using the Z32 maf now in preparation for boost.

Originally Posted by SentraThis96

I love how nice and organized everything is on your threads, the pictures for everything are especially nice

Why thank you, I am a little OCD with keeping my threads clean, I wish I was like that with my garage!

As for the pictures, I go through the extra trouble to help others. I'm fairly new to cars (started really modding cars in 2007), and I found that a lot of informational threads lacked pictures or good step by steps. Thus every time I learn something, I want to make it easier for others to be able to learn the same without digging through as much information as I had to.
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2012-03-03 00:16:33
Just soldered part of the stuff today... all i had time for.

here is a pick of the hardest part of the whole process... the wire connections.

thanks to Vadim so I know which wires connected to which...
2012-04-07 18:27:57
One more little thing..... Depending on which ECU you have, you may need to reverse (swap sides) with the stand-off closest to the USB connector. The short side is shown on the bottom of the NEMU board in this pic:

In the other pics of the top side of the board, you can see the stand-off is longer. On my SR20DET ECU, there is no chip under that part of the board, so I swap the long side down and it fits perfectly with the stand-off touching the ECU mother board directly. They just screw together.

Great write-ups guys!

2012-09-16 05:44:50
Thanks for the write-up!

I just want to include one more helpful pic, I wanted to be positive of where I was soldering wires.

2012-10-27 15:21:51
any chance this will be available for the P11 ve ecu?
2012-10-27 21:14:42
you can use a step down harness an run a obd1 ecu w/ this
2013-03-13 00:57:14
Originally Posted by pedro666
any chance this will be available for the P11 ve ecu?

Very interested in the answer to this as well. Since the VE ECU is OBD1, I am guessing it should not be too unrealistic to make it work.
I realize I can use a B13 ECU and make the VVL work with it, but since I already have a perfectly good VE ECU, I would much rather use it.
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