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Thread: Beginners Guide to Chipped ECU Tuning

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2012-03-11 16:54:27
You can always use vmware to run windows on a Mac or Mac on windows box
2012-03-11 23:32:43
Originally Posted by nissanboi
You can always use vmware to run windows on a Mac or Mac on windows box

Yup I was gonna suggest that next. Though the cost of Fusion or Parallels plus cost off XP/Win 7, might as well buy a cheap XP laptop and keep it in the car as a tuning laptop.
2012-03-12 05:42:18
Thanks for the response. I will probably end up running windows through boot camp so I don't have to borrow my bros laptop.
2012-06-09 20:28:34
I have a RTV2 for my B13. It currently has a V1 program on it and I am trying to load the V2 HEX file on it but it will not load. I believe that I need to "reset" the ecu per:

"If you've uploaded a firmware that bricks your RT board…

If you've managed yo brick your board (i.e. written some code that never responds to serial commands) you've got two options- either manually reset the board while the Colt loader is trying to connect, or use a hardware programming tool like the ICD2.

To manually reset the board first remove the cover. Next, find JX as show below."

Can anyone tell me how I got about "resetting" my ecu so I can load the HEX file into it?
2012-06-11 13:12:42
That's a new one for me, hit up Dave, dfddf2, he might have more insight.
2012-06-12 00:43:00
Thanks for the reply. I had emailed Dave. I have a local guy who has an ICD2 at work that was able to erase the ecu and load the hex file. Looks like I'm in business.
2012-06-12 01:26:00
Good deal!
2012-06-12 03:34:43
Awesome, you should consider getting tunercode for it (if obd1). You wont regret the new tuning features.
2012-06-12 11:19:19
I was not able to get the ICD2 to do anything, but on the programming port there is a CLR pin for the memory chip. I was able to start the bootloader then ground the CLR pin and it loaded in the HEX file. For anyone who needs this, it is the 6 pin connector that is parallel with the PCB on the underside. The pins are labeled on the top side, 1 - 6, pin 1 is the CLR and pin 3 is ground. Using a piece of wire connect the 2 pins and the bootloader will initiate the programming.

I have tunercode that he could use, not too familiar with this stuff yet but i hope to learn as i go.
2012-07-21 11:38:03
Sorry for the n00bness, but I'm looking for engine management/tuning for GTi-R engine into a 2002 G20 5mt. Do I have any options for hardware/software? Don't worry, someone WAY smarter than me is very capable of installing and tuning it.
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