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Thread: 5th Gear pop out

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2018-03-09 11:18:31
Wow.. for what u probably paid for all that shit u could of just got another trans lol

Well atleast itll all be new
2018-03-09 13:44:58
Yah, that's a lot of parts you didn't need. But that happens when you're a bit unsure of what to do, I know.

Originally Posted by projectmk3

I forgot to take a picture to see which way these tabs were facing. Can someone confirm the center 'hump' goes facing outward when placed inside the hub/sleeve?

The "hump" faces outward, you are correct. The c-clip springs hook inside the opening from the inside, helping to hold them in place.

Originally Posted by projectmk3
Also, will it matter how I mount the 2 springs holding the tabs along as all 3 tabs are touching the spring or is there a certain direction the ends of the springs are placed?

The correct way to mount the c-clip springs to those humped tabs is as such:
Have one of the c-clip springs rest inside two of the 3 tabs. Do that on one side. Then flip the whole assembly over and make sure the second c-clip spring hooks into the 3rd tab that so far does not have any spring clipped into it. Then naturally this second c-clip spring will rest in one of the other two tabs to share.
The result will be one tab with both springs clipped in, one tab with only one spring clipped in, and the final tab with only one spring clipped in.

Doing this on the bench, it should become pretty obvious what's going on. You mant to make sure each tab has at least one end of a spring in it.
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2018-03-09 14:36:47
I could of easily just had the thread repaired on the transmission and tossed it back together having the sleeve or slider (whatever you'd want to call it) flipped but I didn't want to be bothered doing it over later on. Figured this way everything (with the exception of slider) will be new.

And if I went with another transmission I'd probably end up having pop out sooner than doing it this way. I'm going to reuse everything that came out of this transmission and replace what looks destroyed or worn with the one in the car right now so I have a back up with whatever this transmission would have been if I didn't replace anything.

I don't disagree. I probably could have gotten away for several thousand miles if I didn't replace anything and even more life out of it if only the gear and synchro were replaced. But as I mentioned to Lynch, I'd rather replace it if it's possible being that most of the bits and pieces added up to be only like $50. The actual gear (~$165), shifting fork (~$50) and the synchro (~$42) were the most expensive bits to the 'Kit', so am I really unsure of what I'm doing or am I playing a little safer?

Thank you for reassuring me with the placement and with the details for reinstalling. I'll have to play with it when I stop by the shop using the old parts first on the bench to get myself comfortable before I accidentally bend or scratch anything new lol.
2018-03-09 20:22:33
You know, looking at your springs, they look a little differently than I recall. I thought they had a 90-degree bend on both ends.

It looks like you want to put the 90-degree bend of one spring into one of the tabs, and then on the other side just make sure you put the other spring in such that it is not in line with the spring on the other side. They should overlap some in their placement, if you gather my meaning.
2018-03-10 17:30:15
I don't have a picture of it but the original springs are identical.

Yes i get what you're saying......the only other question i guess would be the direction of the springs.

I have another transmission which is a b14 non-lsd which i might take apart just to confirm the placement of the springs are correct.......unless someone is able to share some pictures lol (I don't want to be doing this and end up with a non working transmission)
2018-03-10 19:19:08
Yah, have the springs go in opposite directions. They should overlap as much as possible. So looking down from above, one should go clockwise, and the other counter-clockwise (even though you can't actually see it while looking down since it will be below).
2018-03-11 10:25:14
Awesome I wasn’t sure if using clockwise and counterclockwise would make sense. Thank you again!
2018-04-01 21:17:09
Dropped the housing off last week. Waiting to get the call saying it’s done. Having the new threads pressed in for the rear transmission mount and everything thing else in the yellow sections welded shut for reinforcement. I dont think it’s necessary since the car is basically stock but figured eventually it might not be and I don’t plan on taking it apart again for a very long time so might as well have it done now.

(Uploading picture soon, use the following link for now)
2018-04-07 05:12:46
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
Wow.. for what u probably paid for all that shit u could of just got another trans lol

That's the issue I had.. when my 92 VVL started popping I spent wayyy too much to fix it and could have bought at least two different transmissions. Of course its a gamble what you get though.
2018-04-07 08:13:01
I do not understand the logic of getting a used transmission to solve 5th gear pop-out. It's just going to happen to you again.

I've spent much more than that on my transmission (did all the bearings too) but now I have a nearly new unit for 1/4 the price of an actual new unit and I know it will last for a long time.
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