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Thread: P12 Transmission swap into B13

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2016-05-28 03:14:02
P12 Transmission swap into B13
Tried searching a bit, but cant find an exact answer on this.

Aside from inherent bell house advantage and hydraulic clutch and cable shifter changes?

What else is required to swap a sr20ve p12 6 speed in a b13
-Axle changes?
-Flywheel and change changes?

Also can the VLSD be addressed with something better...
2016-05-28 03:56:51
Rear trans mount needs to be modified, among other stuff
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2016-05-28 18:35:35
You can swap out the VLSD in the p12 trans for a spec v HLSD.
2016-06-01 03:04:26
does the p12 transmission use the same axles?
2016-06-05 03:10:19

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2016-06-05 06:15:02
I'm doing a P12 too. I'm running the B15 Knuckle/Hub. Had the hub redrilled for 4x100 and got S13/S14 rotors redrilled to 4X100 too. I'm not sure if I'll beable to keep the ABS on my car but the knuckles were ABS too. The sensor appears to be the same so I might get lucky and not have to get custom abs rings made.

my NX2000 rotor next to the S13/S14 rotor. going to run S14 calipers on it too.
2016-06-06 04:13:10
So you're using b15 axles?
2016-06-06 05:46:01
Originally Posted by upstate240sx
So you're using b15 axles?

Yes spec v axles
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