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Thread: Transmission question/help

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2015-01-27 03:08:30
Transmission question/help
I have a turbo 99 p11, today marked the 2nd time in 2 years that I've blown 3rd gear out. I understand with turbo, people recommended the "stronger" transmissions from the 01-02 p11s/b15s. I've changed the stacks with b13 ones last time when 3rd went out. This time I'm confused about what should I do with transmission choices, pretty much need a faster/easier way to get it fixed cause my p11 is my only way to work and such. I've read about using q18 stacks, but that only works with the newer transmissions. I know the p11s are the better gear ratios for turbo, but I get confused when people tell me to just get q18 stacks, then after reading threads today, it will only work if I had the RS5F70V trans. Basically, I'm trying to ask for advice, just TRY and find the RS5F70V from a p11 and bolt it right in, or do something about changing the stacks, again. any kind of advice will really help me out.
2015-01-27 15:55:37
The QR18 stacks will also work on a 70A open diff transmission. I believe not a hundred percent certain but the bell housing for an sr will bolt to the rear half of the 70A trans (QR18) I am not sure if your 32 series bell housing will bolt onto it but the sr20 70 series should. I would personally go with a 70 series. A lot less chance that you will blow gears out. The QR gera stacks will drop right into the p11 trans due to them having the same final drive. If you want to drop them into a b15 70 series you will have to swap the pinion shaft over and the final drive over. Kleensleeper has two low mileage p11 LSD (70V) trans for sale in his part out sale. Personally I would go with one of them.
2015-01-27 16:02:58
Thanks for the information. He just posted in my wanted forum
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