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Thread: hydraulic conversion

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2014-03-02 04:39:19
Originally Posted by se200
My b13 with Altima pedal looks like it came this way from the factory.

Thanks for clearing this up. I went to the Nissan dealership today, the guy in the parts dept verified that all the Altimas, 06/1992 through 08/2001, have the same part number for the clutch pedal.

This summer I'm going to hit up the junkyard and grab an Altima pedal. Did you modify anything or did it bolt right in?
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2014-03-02 06:23:21
the upper bolt hole needed to be enlarged. The two firewall bolts line right up. Very easy install.
2014-03-02 21:01:11
Originally Posted by se200
the upper bolt hole needed to be enlarged. The two firewall bolts line right up. Very easy install.

Thanks. I appreciate you sharing this info. I had to Dremel the upper hole on the Maxima pedal in toward the pedal itself.

The Maxima pedal works great on my B13, but the difference in pedal height is starting to bug me. I wish I knew the Altima pedal sat at stock height before. Swapping pedals will be more work but it will be worth it.
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2014-03-02 22:38:07
P11 on a b13 bolts up ok too?
2014-03-03 02:34:58
Originally Posted by canx2k
P11 on a b13 bolts up ok too?

The P11 master cylinder mounts to the pedal INSIDE the footwell. You have to cut a hole in the firewall to match the shape of the master cylinder. There was a write up about 7 years ago on the old forum.

How to: Cable to Hydraulic clutch - SR20 Forum

After a lot of research and trial and error, I found the best set up was to use the mid 90's Maxima master cylinder with a B15 remote mount master cylinder reservoir.

The reservoir parts interchange exactly and take less than 10 minutes to switch. Just remove the Maxima clutch master reservoir and replace it with the B15 piece(10.00 bucks new from the dealership). I think Nissan calls it a "cap ass.reservoir". The part number may be 46020-2N510 but double check on that.

You'l still need a B15 remote reservoir and a piece of rubber hose to connect the B15 reservoir to the Maxima master cylinder but everything goes together like factory.

The B15 clutch master cylinder is a PIA to install in a B13. It has studs the need to be removed and even then the master cylinder sits at a different angle so new holes need to be drilled in the firewall.
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2014-09-11 12:27:23
I know this is a old thread but I did the conversion on my car and like @se200 said the 94 Altima setup fits perfect with just having to open the hole a little on the top part of the bracket inside the car for the 12mm bolt. No other mods needed.
2014-09-11 13:19:23
Did you leave the spacers in place with the Altima pedal? I used a Maxima in my B14 and even with the spacers removed, it sits a little taller than the brake pedal.
2014-09-11 21:10:45
Yes leave the spacer, enlarge the upper bracket hole and bolt it in. The pedal will lineup as it should and needs no other adjust ment. 1994 Altima 5spd parts are the best and cheapest option.
2014-09-11 21:34:25
Thanks, I'll have to find one. I kept the spacers after I removed mine, or I'll make some new ones. You did this in a B13, right?
2014-09-12 01:00:56
Yes mine is a b13. But I have used a b13 pedal in a b14 during a auto to 5spd swap so I think thevaltima pedal will work in b14/13.
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