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Thread: hydraulic conversion

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2014-02-04 13:02:16
hydraulic conversion
So for those of you who have done this, which pedal assembly is the easiest to use? Tried searching everything i come up is here say, would like to do it with out hacking up anything, is anything a bolt in?
2014-02-04 13:22:35
What car are you driving?

I used a 94 Altima clutch pedal and cylinder with steal braided hydro clutch line. I'm running a 6spd so the rest is all swap parts. The Altima pedal and cyl bolted right ito my b13 I only had to make the third upper bolt hole larger.
2014-02-04 13:34:15
Were did.you steal it from lol. Its in
a b13. Any binding issues with the pedal?
2014-02-04 13:46:58
I used a 4th gen maxima pedal and b15 master cyl.

Only had to cut the front 'tab' off and remove the studs in the CMC.
2014-02-04 14:36:44
I got mine from a junk yard. No issues the whole setup works perfect like it came this way from the factory.
2014-02-06 20:24:38
Depends on B13 or B14. On my B14, I'm using a Maxima pedal and master cylinder with the reservoir from a b15. The top bolt on the pedal does not line up so you have a make a bracket. The B13 seems to have more room for the full Maxima or Altima setup.
2014-02-06 20:35:07
The top side bolt hole lined up on my b13, but only if you leave the spacer on the firewall. (the front top bolt hole I cut off)

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2014-02-06 23:19:39
When I went from ga auto to sr manual I got everything from a P11 worked out great! I used no spacer.
2014-02-07 05:04:43
I used a 95 Maxima pedal and master cylinder on my B13 but the pedal sits too high. I don't want to grind off my B13 spacers since I noticed the Maxima also had them.

Does the Altima pedal sit at the right height without removing the spacers?
2014-02-07 11:23:38
My b13 with Altima pedal looks like it came this way from the factory.
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