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Thread: Building a Transmission Gear Cuff for the P11 2000-2002

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2014-01-02 23:33:36
Building a Transmission Gear Cuff for the P11 2000-2002
So after some extensive research of how's and why's... @Doug Fab & I decided to build a Gear cuffs to utilize on the P11, 2000-2002 like all of the drag Hondas. This braces the gears together to prevent less/no separation at high RPM, which normally leads to spinning the gears. The downside is that you will loose 5th gear. With the gear ratios and FD of the P11 @ 8400RPM in 4th with a 24.5" Tire your MPH will be around 161mph. Let me know what you guys think.

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2014-01-03 00:24:33
I almost made one of these for my b13. If this turns out to be a transmission saver I would think they would move like hot cakes for those ppl that don't daily drive on the highway. I ended up just converting to a 6spd. Is it possible to create a thin callor that will allow 5th gear to be retained?
2014-01-03 00:40:21
Do you still have pics of your B13 ones? Alot of us on here including myself have extra trannys. If needed it only takes max 1 hr to change.
2014-01-03 03:59:20
Awesome idea Dave. Guys could definitely use these.
2014-01-03 04:25:23
This is an awesome idea
2014-01-03 10:39:56
I've never heard of this. Can you elaborate?
2014-01-03 14:24:29
@se200 Unfortunately I don't see anyway to get a brace to keep you 5th. Between the Gear, Bearing and selector on the 5th there would be no space.
@ebinkerd If you look at a stack setup you'll see starting from the bottom going up there's nothing but gears and at top there's bearings to keep the shaft balanced. What the brace does is support it more by placing it lower (in place of the 5th) which will cause less separation. Since the gears taper out any slight movement will cause it to damage the gear.
2014-01-03 16:30:23
what about if 5th gear was shaved thinner (I know this would make it weaker but a weaker gear is better then no gear). A thinner gear might allow a collar to be added with out the loss of 5th gear.
2014-01-03 17:13:36
It will be too close if not hit the case and selector
2014-01-04 08:02:13
@Vadim - Sure would be great to have a transmission section here...
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