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Thread: P11 5speed tear down

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2015-01-23 13:20:41
Very descriptive. Good work man. @Vadim i know we have some but can we add this to the sticky?
2015-01-23 17:09:24
Thanks for all the time you put into this!!!
2015-01-26 14:20:03
Awesome thread indeed, moved it to the Driveline Tech section where it wont get lost in regular threads.
2015-01-27 06:54:42
Awww man im blushing lol jk. Glad i can help. Ive been busy with things. Ill post up pix of stack tear down soon. Main reason why this is so in depth is because i did it like 3 times in a week. I can do this trans in my sleep now. Anyone need any help with it, or want me to do it lmk lol.

I'm glad this isn't going to get lost. Twas so hard keeping up with these pix. Woulda been easier making a power point.
2017-01-14 17:12:50
ok, now it's been 2 years, and I'm going back together with it today.. I'll post soon...

It's got new synchros and seals.. Might be selling it soon if anyone is interested. I have a 6 speed going in next.
2017-01-14 19:13:10
It's all back together now. I'm surprised honestly, it's been sitting covered on a table for 2 years, and survived a move out of state, and I still have all the pieces.

I'll get pix up later. I have to remember my photobucket login..

If interested in buying this trans, it has a new input shaft, new 1st and 3rd syncros, and new seals. I'll be putting it in my car now to test everything out
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