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Thread: The Ultimate 6 Speed Swap Thread...Parts/Instructions/Results!!

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2012-12-18 16:42:29
Got my P12 flywheel, first thing I noticed is the clutch is not sprung anymore, guess the flywheel takes care of that!

Flywheel itself is about 23lbs, while oem P11 is 19lbs. It is also at least 10mm bigger then DE disc, will have measurements tonight.
2012-12-18 16:44:55
Yeah, was gonna tell you that the disk should be solid as the flywheel takes care of all the dampening of the clutch engagement.
2012-12-19 20:42:00
Ok here are the sizes and weights.

P12 Flywheel, Disc, PP with bolts is 35.8lbs
P11 Flywheel, Disc, PP without bolts is 28.8lbs (about another 1lb for flywheel and pp bolts).

P12 Flywheel 23.4lbs, 2.03" thick, Bolts 2" long
P11 Flywheel 19.2lbs, 1.29" thick, Bolts 1.29" long

P12 Disc and PP is 11.2lbs
P11 Disc and PP is 9.6lbs

P12 stock disc is 225mm, 24 spline
P11 stock disc is 215mm, 18 spline

It looks like a KA24DE clutch matches the size and spline size, I wonder if pressure plate will bolt up to the flywheel.
2012-12-20 01:36:08
Nice information Vadim. Thanks
2012-12-21 20:12:01
What do you guys say about dual mass flywheels with a sprung clutch, is that a complete bad thing to do?
2012-12-21 23:59:24
No, its fine Vadim. It may "bounce" a bit more but it will still be very smooth.
2012-12-22 00:30:49
Sweet I may purchase an oem sprung disc that if I switch to a solid flywheel I don't have to worry about using an unsprung disc daily.
2012-12-25 08:39:58
Originally Posted by tswii
I took measurements of the bellhousing, block, rear tranny bracket, and starter to come up with these bolt measurements. These will be the new bolts you'll need for this 6 speed swap. I took my time to draw a detailed picture. The view is facing the bellhousing, and all measurements are in mm. Hope this helps someone out. I ordered mine from Chrome Bolts, Stainless Steel Bolts, Metric Bolts, Socket Head Cap Screws, Grade 8 Bolts, F911 Bolts for about $15.00 shipped, and they are all grade 12.9 cap head bolts.

Did you get regular carbon steal bolts or did you get stainless ones? I'm not seeing grade 12.9 on that site at all, only 10.9.
2012-12-25 14:19:58
Originally Posted by Vadim
Did you get regular carbon steal bolts or did you get stainless ones? I'm not seeing grade 12.9 on that site at all, only 10.9.

Metric Socket Head Cap Screw

You have to click on bolts from the menu on the left, then metric socket head cap screw.
2012-12-25 18:24:09
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