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Thread: The Ultimate 6 Speed Swap Thread...Parts/Instructions/Results!!

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2012-12-14 18:18:56
According to Nissans Catalouge 03-04 are the same. 05 is the year they changed the trans for the Maxima.
2012-12-14 20:21:40
06/01-12/02 PN 32010-5Y774
Use's Gears
1st 3.153
2nd 1.944
3rd 1.392
4th 1.055
5th .809
6th .630
Rev. 3.002
F/D: 3.81

PN's 32010-7Y076 01/03-02/20/04 and 32010-7Y476 02/21/04-08/05
All use the same gears
1: 3.153
2: 1.944
3: 1.392
4: 1.055
5: 0.809
6: 0.630
R: 3.002
Final: 4.133

There is some weird split dates with these trans. This might help narrow down by the stamping on the cases which gears you would have. Other then that you were right Ashton.
2012-12-15 01:29:43
Well, it sucks that you can only use specv hubs because I bought some 1.8L hubs a while back. I'd assume that the 2.5L hubs can be swapped into these knuckles?
2012-12-15 01:41:35
Direct swap.
2012-12-15 01:44:30
Thanks. I was just looking at part#s on rockauto and courtesy. It appears the knuckles and bearings are the same with the hubs being the only diff.
2012-12-15 02:16:24
Thanks for clearing that up. Info is updated to show the dates you gave.

Good stuff
2012-12-15 23:46:45
Alright guys, I got my flywheel and PP machined down earlier today. I had to sand down the edges with a dremel since machining leaves burrs and razor sharp edges. Well, after that I got the PP, disk, and FW bolted back together to check clearance again. It still did scrub, bot not nearly as much as it did before it got machined. So, I made a mark on the center of where I needed to grind and went to town with a side grinder. All together I only took off about 3-4 mm from one spot in the starter area. I'd say this is one of the best, and least costly FW/clutch setups out there. It allows you to use a 240mm disk, which it optimum for this swap in my own opinion. You'll spend less money on a larger clutch to hold the same power as an equally rated smaller clutch, which would cost more. I've got less than $650.00 invested in this, and it's good for about 450 WHP. If you search and do the math you'll see what I mean. Here's the pics. Oh, the guy at the machine shop only charged me a 12 pack of bud to do the machine work, lol. I was expecting to spend about 100 bucks.

2012-12-16 02:21:08
Looks good man. Thanks for posting that update. I appreciate it.
2012-12-16 04:31:59
No problem man. I'm just glad to help out. I'll be most likely starting my swap this christmas weekend. Just waiting on my 2.5L hubs and a couple bolts to come in the mail, and I'll be ready to roll.
2012-12-16 05:13:04
You swapping all the hubs and brakes or what?
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