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Thread: 3pc front ends for B13 & B14

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2011-07-04 12:39:28
Why B14...Is there an advantage to the B14s suspension for drag racing?
2011-07-04 15:56:38
i saw there cf version before if they make one of those i am definitely buying!!!!
2011-07-05 10:06:40
There's no difference. I got the car from a friend already set up for racing.
2011-07-05 20:47:38
I'm sure they would get something started with half down + a couple of months to complete so you guys let me know
2011-07-05 22:38:50
We need 4 people that can spend $500 or 8 ppl that can spend $200 and not see something for a bit. Even if you're interested, please shoot Dave SR20 a PM, and Dave I would suggest posting a deadline for the buy in to create them. List so far

Dave SR20
David NA->FI
Daves SR

4 more people and then once a deadline has been reached, we send paypal funds to Dave SR to begin production. I have a chassis too it they need one
2011-07-06 00:19:01
If this is for the B13 I might be interested. It would be nice to be able to clear a set ot 25"X9" slicks without having to raise the car up rediculously high in the front. Its better to keep the front lower to reduce your drag coeficient A nice front end set that will clear would be super. I could put half down very soon as well. I know exospeed is a good company and I like their kits for the civics. I would like to see how the front would come out. If its gonna have a solid mouth but with the indention that you can cut out or leave solid. We definitely need a little more aerodynamic front thats for sure.

Count me in.
2011-07-06 03:04:59
So basically $200 from us talks exospeed into fab'ing up a kit? B14 or B13? Are they going to be the same kit for both chassis'.
2011-07-06 04:49:44
I'm sure when they gave me that price it was for I type of car. So right now it would be majority rules. I will call them tomorrow and see where we're at.
2011-07-06 04:52:11
For Ashton.... I think it would be as you said. It would be better from them to make the front with an indentation for you to cut out pending the size of your cooler.... If this does go through....what model bumper should I ask them for? Sunny or GTIR?
2011-07-06 05:10:02
No clue. If they can come up with a custom front that looks like thier civic fronts but incorporte the b13 design into it i think that would be best. Something that is more aerodynamic than just a square bumper. Its hard to say. If they are gonna model it after a bumper id say gtir. But we definitely need something better aerodynamicly if that is at all possible with this front end. Maybe they could photoshop something up of some different looks?
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