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Thread: 3pc front ends for B13 & B14

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2012-01-23 04:16:41
I doubt we will have 10 people interested is the main problem. I think we may have a solid 4-5 but 10, highly doubt it.

it would be nice if we had 10 people, cash ready, and could get the ball rolling but its not looking good thats for sure.
2012-01-23 04:25:00
So say we had 5 people money ready, we would all have to pay 1500 but would get 2 kits each. lol.

Might have to just go with plan B on this. I have a buddy thats great with metal works, might see if he can do some custom fenders. I know how to widen the lower/front part of the fender as well and the factory urethane bumper will stretch to it as well and still look clean. I dont need that much more room to clear my slicks under the fender. Might even be able to roll the fender out enough to clear especially with doing a simple mod to the bottom front corner.

Hopefully exospeed can come through.
2012-01-23 04:39:17
I can prob get 4 from personal friends + everyone else on here
2012-01-23 04:44:17
Unfortunately all my b13 friends are cheap and broke. haha

I dont mind dumping the coin if we can seriously get everyone truely interested, money ready to get together and at a whims notice when we are sure we have enough people to pay their portion. That would be the best way to do it.
2012-01-23 14:45:32
So it's the deposit that's the issue?
2012-01-23 16:05:46
Not for me, im sayin I dont think we could get 10 people with 750 bucks ready right now or at a moments notice to pay so we could get this done.
2012-01-23 18:45:24
Wil was cheaper on his deposit. If I recall correctly it was 4500. So 10 ppl at 450 + whatever when it's done I guess it's easier to swallow
2012-01-23 19:20:12
That would be cool but the prices are coming from them directly. I'm just trying to coordinate it for us.
2012-01-30 16:05:20
Well i got an email from Wil this morning and things are looking good. This is one of the sketches. They want to work out the design of the bumper before applying it to the other designs for the wide fender. I asked for the intercooler cut out to be reduced to the size of the grill. The lower lip to come out to match the distance of the top of the bumper. Let me know what you guys think.
2012-01-30 16:11:00
I dont mind the large opening, get rid of the two seperate cut outs, bring the bottom part out with the edge of the top part like you said and have it as one large opening. The opening doesnt need to be that wide either. opening only as wide as the grill like you said and it should be good. Looking promising, We can only hope. Obviously the pic doesnt show the fenders being much wider either. Id be nice to see what it would look like with the complete wide front.
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