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Thread: Doug Fab Fuel Rail's!!!

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2013-05-31 03:12:44
Originally Posted by Doug

Inner diameter of -6 rail is 1/2". Im more then confident that you will have enough fuel flow/volume for 600WHP even with E85.

I do make a -6 rail to work with both a VE throttle body and stock fuel feed and return hose sizes of 5/16".

Since you are using E85 and depending on your power goals i would recommend runing -6 AN fittings. With -6 fuel feed and return hose.

But if you are not looking to upgrade your stock fuel lines then we can stick with standard 5/16" hose barb and stock fuel regulator outlet.

Let me know your thoughts.

Oh yeah that will be plenty. Well initially the goals are only for a safe 300whp on E85 and 2871r (standard bottom end) but I'm all for future proofing so that's why I'm interested in your setups. Eventual goal will be ~450whp with forgies. I'd need to get the suitable ID1000's off you as well.
Alright in that case I'm happy to stick with -6AN fittings all round. My TB doesn't even have the coolant lines hooked up haha, so no real stress there.
So $180 for the rail plus $$?? for the ID1000's.
PM me if you want

2013-05-31 12:06:46
Pm sent to @niSSSdan
2013-06-14 02:40:40
Thanks Doug got my rail and injectors today and the quality is just fantastic I'm very satistfied with it.
Ill send you Pics when I get them installed...
been raining too much havent been able to work on car
2013-06-14 13:27:21
Great to hear! Cant wait wo see you guys getting your builds together!

So far only one forum member is actually using his rail the rest of the members who bought my rails are still in the building stages.

2013-06-21 18:42:56
Here are some of the rails that I have been making for forum members.

They are all VE rails.

I am currently making a couple lowport rails.

-6 ID1000 and stock fuel feed/regulator.

VE -6 w/AN inlet/outlet, ID1000

2013-06-21 18:44:47
Anyone who is currently waiting for a rail. Please post that u are waiting or pm.

im going to start a list to keep track of it all.
2013-08-12 14:39:00
Lowport rail

-6 rail w/ -6 ORB ends - ID1000

2013-08-12 16:02:25
looks great!
2013-08-12 16:05:38
Originally Posted by Keo
looks great!

Thank you.
2013-09-19 17:24:17
Hi there I'm going to need a -06a/n inlet and outlet top feed rail for my VE very soon I will let you know when I am ready I do not need the port for the stock FPR because I will be running an aftermarket AFPR thanks.
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