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Thread: Doug Fab Fuel Rail's!!!

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2014-03-09 14:43:29
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
Originally Posted by Doug
Originally Posted by TREYDEE
how much for the intake spacer?? what brand??

i have 2 left in stock. they are $35 shipped.

they are no name. about 1/8" thick

I am actually going to producing my own thermal gaskets soon.

Making them out of Teflon they will be 1/4" thick. there will be a 3 piece set, to replace tb gasket + plenum gasket + intake manifold gasket

Keep a look out for these. they are in the process but need to test them to make sure they work like they are suppose to.

i highly recommend providing hardware for these things.. when i did my spacers i almost didnt have enough room to bolt everything down, luckily i had some longer bolts layin around lol

yep you are correct. the thicker thermal gaskets will need longer hardware.
2014-03-09 21:35:43
+1 GTiR -10 rail, injectors and spacer!
2014-04-13 11:16:15
just to confirm Doug; the -6AN IN/OUT rail with ONLY work with the stock VE intake plenum if you're using ID 1000's and the thermal spacer?
2014-04-13 16:13:25
-6 rail with ID1000 will clear with out spacer

If you wanna run a taller inector like MSD or precision you would wanna run a thermal spacer
2014-05-28 02:10:23
Hey Doug,
I need a top feed fuel rail for my stock ve. I will be running 72lb msd injectors and stock fuel pressure regulator. Do you have a rail ready to go. I need one ASAP. Lmk or PM. Thanks.
2014-06-11 03:29:28
Hey Doug sent you a pm, I need a top feed fuel rail for id1000s for a VE
2014-06-11 06:34:13
I love my Doug Fab fuel rail!

2014-06-11 23:49:16
Originally Posted by daveracer
I love my Doug Fab fuel rail!

wow! Dave your build looks great. That is the first time ive seen my rail on a BJS mani. Looks great!!!

- - - Updated - - -

Everyone waiting on fuel rails, thank you for being patient. Milling machine is back in action. Will be getting these New Fuel Rails done ASAP!!!
2014-06-14 03:44:26
Ah cool, mill is back online, awesome news Doug!
Keen as a bean to get my car running on the sweet sniff
2014-06-15 02:57:14
Yep I'll be working late nights this coming week to get everyone's orders filled

Thank you to everyone for being patient.
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