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Thread: SCAMMED by forum member BEWARE! by this mf faste-r

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2016-05-25 23:21:34
Sorry i really dont get on here much anymore... i have been on this forum sense day one, and the none dash forum sense 2002 under a different name... Never once have i ever scammed anyone. much less over 120 bucks? Like really? you think i would go out of my way to ship this dude an empty box and ruin my name over 120 bucks? Dumb...

Dude offered me less for the studs, and didnt want to pay extra for shipping or any shipping insurance. Which is fine, but to me that means its shipping the cheapest way i can. So i shipped them in a flate rate USPS box, and they were inside of a ziplock freezer bag plus padding... Its no new news that USPS sucks, they damaged the package and the studs fell out, then they continued to shipped the box because it had an address on it...

after he got the box, he sent me the pics and said hey man i want my money back... so i told him thats not fair for me, that means im out of the studs and the money? I told him to make a Claim with USPS because they are the ones at fault, not me. He made it clear that he didnt feel like doing that and that he wanted a refund. So again i told him that it wasnt fair for me to loose the studs and the money. i offered to send him half his money back so to help out but he wouldnt do it. So he opened a PP claim and after a while they took the money and gave it back... So here i sit, no Studs and no money... and this dude is Bitching? right...

In the end, i got fucked and he came out scott Free... for all i know he could have put that sticker on the box and scammed me.... works both ways

And to prove im not a scammer, My name is Jon Rogers.. feel free to find me on FB, this is my car... Besides Mazworx, its probably the fastest car on here. Been 8.74 @ 163mph and is the fastest Stick shift Sr20 240sx in the US... bout the be the world soon...

2016-05-26 13:43:34
2016-05-27 21:58:18
Sorry off topic but just seen ur 240sx on 1320s video they just posted that thing moves out good job
2016-05-27 23:24:26
thats it... thanks
2016-05-28 05:07:49
2016-05-28 08:11:27
OK this will prob be my last post on this thread since i know it can be a never ending story and i already moved on from this incident.
1.- It really does show how much attention and importance you the seller have as far as corresponding or showing interest on this big matter posting almost 4 months after the issue was resolved or you probably didn't even bother to care until paypal recovered my money and more and another irrelevant post that shows nothing but pure irresponsibility and ignorance about how to procced or try to resolve this issue or any issue in the buying or selling world .
2.-As far as being the slowest car or even the fastest car in the world DOESN'T give you the right to not care about the items you sell in this forum or any other forum in the world.
3.- I still have on my phone all the entire texts from the day i made an offer which clearly you stated "whats your offer" and price you agreed on the amount agreed on shipping til the very non sense and irrelevant information It's saved on my phone and i dont mind posting any or all the shot screens on any given day of the week.
4.- im not here to cry about 120$ im here to let the rest of my family (sr20 members) that i had a situation and im letting everyone to be aware of situation and mods apply the fullest force and restrictions as per guidelines and rules from the forum and also to take a second thought about making a move on a future buy from you, today was 120$ maybe tomorrow is 1k.
5.- i can happily return your broken box that i still have and i am 100% pleased that this happen , why would i want a set of used bolts anyways.
6.- Maybe it was a well lesson learned for you as well on how to properly Sealed a package, you clearly state a cheap offer yet you used an even cheaper way to send a package guess whos the cheap guy in this situation.
7.-Would've help if i had a better communication or faster response from you when i asked you to go to origin post office to make sure they weren't left there on the floor and gave you enough time But i had nothing but the opposite which i was pushed by you to take other options to procced on a resolution. Not trying to be the better man here but i got nothing to hide with only solid proofs and facts.
2016-05-28 11:54:35
Can you post says texts ztuned?
2016-05-28 17:04:26
Oh hey.. something I do now after getting myself screwed with lost contents is actually taping (properly securing) a from and to address on things INSIDE a box. I do this especially when something is heavy inside a box just-in-case. ...not too long ago I shipped 2 tires in a box and just in case that box fell apart, on each tire was a to/from address label taped with package tape in such a way that there was no way it was going anywhere.. It's just my way as a seller to go that extra step on stuff... not sure how much it would help if it got lost but after have 3 of 4 tires get delivered once, its something I like to do now if boxing tires!

^ yes I realize this might be a bit off topic but thought I'd throw it out there anyway
2016-05-29 16:30:57
If it was shipped in a small flat rate someone should have $50 coming back from USPS, not $20? If buyer got said money returned via paypal and Fast is out both money and studs, then I think $50 goes to him. Still out $70 but thats better than $120......Default insurance on flat rate boxes is $50
2016-05-29 16:51:55
^ pretty sure the USPS has a time limit on insurance claims plus it said 'received empty' so I'm not even sure the USPS would honor a claim?
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