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Thread: Marsh Tuning and Morfius Performance

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2015-11-10 16:32:42
Originally Posted by Rob
Originally Posted by Shawn

As of 10/13, all parts/products arrived or ordered in the "Prior To Jamies Arrival" section of my list on page 6. Soon as that stuff gets here, I can schedule the car over to Bobby's shop.

70-degrees and sunny on a Sunday morning. I'll be lumbering along in my Tahoe. Yay.

any updates?

I've got all the items I need to take care of what I need to address my self.

Greg V is shipping me all the AC and OEM stuff. He emailed on Friday, has the order together but needs to yap at me. We're currently playing phone-tag. Soon as this stuff arrives from G-spec, I schedule with the body shop.
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2015-11-18 01:12:32
Wow, lots of drama and I'm shocked like everyone else at the finishing details of this build. Hopefully the core/expensive parts were not so half assed and thrown together, but with a missing PCV system, crank angle sensor, and rust on the turbo intake, I'd think Mark and Jamie would/should be worried. Reusing the AC drier... there's plenty of evidence of shortcuts on this "build". As someone who is on the fence on keeping my '96 and throwing serious money towards it the way Shawn has done... this thread really really undermines my confidence. I've owned it since new, and when I was younger, I didn't have the time or money to do some of the amazing builds I've read about over the years. Everyone tells me to dump the car and buy something (anything) that's not a 20 year old economy box... But I love the car. Basically, everything I've read Shawn say over the years. I'd be heart broken if I were Shawn and doubly so since these were "friends." I only mention this because builds like this by respected leaders of the community shrink our entire community. I already wasted good money a few years ago with some of the products by OEM, would I have wasted even more if I had sent my car to Marsh Tuning? Sure looks like it. It really makes me want to move on - and if I do, it will be because of this.

I don't presume to know all the facts here, and I think Jamie and Mark have represented their side well, but am still disturbed with the direction this is going. They had an opportunity to have this car represent them! For whatever reason, they sub-contracted the bulk of the physical build, apparently didn't provide adequate oversight, and then let a "finished" product out the door (twice) which was obviously not acceptable. I think the tune could be accepted if something broke, but no PCV valve?? Perhaps this is being handled behind closed doors, but the correct action should have been for Jamie and Mark to sever ties with Justin as he has seriously damaged their business reputation both for his quality of work and his customer service skills. This really should be done professionally but most importantly... publicly. I'd then do whatever it took to make things right with Shawn. Take out a personal loan if you have to, buy back those parts/engine if you have to, but simply from a business standpoint (let alone the morality of it) do it - your reputation is worth more than the financial hit. Not doing so makes me wonder if you'd take my money and not stand behind your product as well. Yes, it's great that Jamie is flying down to tune the car, but he can't fix this build down there and we all know that. This should have been a car that was car mag porn material and instead Shawn got an engine build that all of us would be embarrassed to take to our local car meet.

As a representation of the larger issue and all the other problems, I think Jamie and and Mark should really focus on the PCV valve. It's right there in plain sight... why didn't you guys see it? I don't mean this as a negative criticism, but rather it should highlight to yourselves that you failed in your internal process of finishing the car. I think a public explanation of that could help restore a little of your credibility if you included an acknowledgement that it's not ok, what you've learned from a QC standpoint, and how it will never happen again.

At this point, it looks like Mark is unwilling/unable to re-accomplish the build and Shawn doesn't want to let him try a third time. All of the posts in here trying to apply social pressure to the problem look to be pointless since what has been offered (Jamie flying down) is clearly inadequate to replace a proper build. So, so sad.
2015-11-18 06:25:50
Very well put sir. No matter who finishes his build at this point Shawn is even more determined to finish what was started. He and I share what very few on this forum have, an undying love for our cars. We would rather be buried in them than sell them or either consider the thought. If you're on the fence about keeping a 20+ year old econobox that you bought brand new and have priceless memories throughout those years keep in mind that these cars are becoming rare to find in decent condition much less pristine. Shawn and I among others choose not to listen to the noise of naysayers and build on our dreams of how these cars can be done with a bit of imagination and some OEM goodness. My suggestion would be to keep your car and build on your dreams but only if you love your car unconditionally. Shawn has shown us all his unconditional love for his ride throughout the years, funds be damned. A lot of members here will patiently wait for the finished product to be revealed when it's done and done right per Shawn's high standards. Now who one trusts to work on their car and do ii to their standards has been the subject of intense discussion since this thread began. Mistakes were made no doubt, some out of gross negligence. Inexcusable mistakes at that. We have seen enough to form our own opinions on what should be done and who are responsible. We move forward now and await the rebirtn of one of the best B13s on the forums.
2015-11-25 00:09:46
Great posts @Yosho and @blusteelsr20.

It has been hard to keep pressing forward with my build. I am still very bitter, upset and disillusioned.

All the parts I require are here except for one (1) expansion valve. Which is coming along shortly.

Soon as it actually arrives, I will call the body shop and schedule the AC work.

Work space and large pile of parts.

Excuses to buy tools. I was wondering how folks got hoses off.

OEM exhaust manifold heat shield. Lot's of rust cleanup work done, then coated with 2000-degree Rustoleum primer and paint. It came out great, new stainless hardware purchased to install it. Temp sender. Gasket maker for oil pan (I already have oil/OEM filter/crush washer). Thermo-tec turbo blanket rated at 2400-degrees. Replacement Spal fan.
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2015-11-25 00:27:30
No matter how bitter you feel Shawn you will learn from this and come out of this whole scenario better and stronger than ever. And your knowledge of your pride and joy will be better for it.
2015-11-25 00:29:38
Hose clamps, SS zip-ties, spray-goop for exhaust wrap. Stick-on thermal barrier for the new AC compressor and anything else that needs it. Express sleeve for my AC high-pressure line.

@BenFenner OEM rubber radiator hoses. O-rings. Fan belt. One radiator bracket, hopefully the other one comes in. Boot kit. Drier. Compressor.

T-bolt clamps for the new radiator hoses.

@Chriscar the only battery tie-down I liked.

So I ditched the blue Cusco FSTB and bought the Stillen to match.
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2015-11-25 00:41:49
That valve cover...yum
2015-11-25 02:44:25
No real complaints about the radiator hoses since they are rubber, but there is no way those are OEM.
Mishimoto(?) is not original equipment, and those look like they are cut-to-fit which is even more hilarious.
Just an observation. =P
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2015-11-25 02:57:09
Originally Posted by BenFenner
No real complaints about the radiator hoses since they are rubber, but there is no way those are OEM.
Mishimoto(?) is not original equipment, and those look like they are cut-to-fit which is even more hilarious.
Just an observation. =P

Those appear to be gates hoses sort of, which I would take any day. Mishimoto however, I'd pass as well.
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2015-12-16 14:38:24
Any progress?
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