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Thread: buyers BEWARE of (Storm88000) aka jordan white

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2014-09-12 09:36:54
Originally Posted by Storm88000
From the seller in OP's thread about the seller, see any similarities?

"This guy is comedy man I sold him that shit just fine he and I both checked out the agx before he bought them for a good 10mins if u hade any dought if they where blown then why the fuck u buy them for? U took a week back to respond to me and they just the two front ones where blown how all of a sudden just the two front ones are blown and not the backs?? Lol when in first place u wanted just the backs but I told u no that I'm selling all 4 of the together u did contact me and I told I was willing to give u half the money back and let u keep the back two agx or give u a b13 tranny well the day he wanted to come out I was just to busy and hade no time I told him that and forgot about him for 1 day so he thought I was trying to ignore him And starts sending me all thes threats and talking shit on my car lol... Ya real mature and that's the sole reason I'm not giving this faggot his money back he took a week to respond back for all I know he fucked them up or some shit and is just trying to pull one over on me I even met this guy half way so he could check them out I still have all the original texts and threats etc for proof... "

your trying to play double jeopardy on me, this has been discussed and handled.. don't see what you're trying to prove.. so now what you're saying is that he got banned because i'm a liar??? yeah ok, jordan..
2014-09-12 09:43:06
Originally Posted by ebinkerd
Please stop citing threads in which 91sentragtir was in fact correct. The other thread you cited, 92ser was banned. Post proof.

someone please define what double jeopardy means to this jordan, please!!!
2014-09-12 09:48:47
Originally Posted by Storm88000
I can post what I want, just as you have put your nose in a thread you have nothing to do with.

Notice no one has heard from OP since this morning? Yeah, thought so. But now since I just said that he will prob post something. Or not because I just said that.

Edit: the texts above are pretty much what I had been posting except it cost me $24 not $14 extra, and about 10-15 message exchanges are not there. He is a piece of human garbage and is going to lose the Paypal dispute anyway. Oh well, too bad so sad.

you actually think im doing this for fun and games?? i got my own personal life to deal with and then i could come to this mess..
2014-09-12 09:54:40
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Originally Posted by ebinkerd
"I sent it with the box THE UPS store put the thing in" post #29. You clearly already had the header boxed, as seen in the pics posted. You lied. You lied to us, you lied to the mods.

I never said it wasn't in the box when I brought it there how else am I going to get an enormous box AND a 4-1 header to the store in a Sentra? You're trying WAY too hard

you're really something else dude, smh
2014-09-12 09:58:05
Originally Posted by Storm88000
BTW I had several prank calls today from unknown/blocked numbers, however one of then originated from Ontario, CA. I officially filed a harassment complaint with OP's magistrate. FYI

jordan do whathever you please, i have nothing to worry about... p.s im going to sleep comfortable tonight btw...
2014-09-12 10:02:08
Originally Posted by Storm88000
per my lawyer I should not comment anymore on this thread. an official complaint has been filed against OP. done posting in this thread. thank you.

again, you dont scare me nor do you get me worried, if thats what you think, jordan..

do as you please brother man...
2014-09-12 10:07:22
Originally Posted by FormerRSXSowner
Didn't the seller offer a refund? What's the big deal? Was there structural damage to the header? Packing job was not good, but was shipping included in purchase price? I skimmed over the thread but there was too much BS and not enough facts.

Hopefully you ladies work this out.

i spent $478.25 grand total including shipping and paypal fees, do the math and you tell me if its logical for me to resend the header back out with my own money... hopefully people know their math...
2014-09-12 10:12:30
Originally Posted by speedricer
Maybe I didnt see from the pictures the OP posted, but what is different as far as damage from the original picture he received from Jordan?


I See the little dents in the top and the welded on pieces on the bottom in the pictures Jordan said he sent the OP. Nothing is different from what I can see? OP did you in fact received those pictures? Because if you didnt look hard enough at them, he showed you what you were getting. Thats how I see it at least. Maybe i'm not seeing the added damage from shipping?

If thats the case, sounds like you all need to do a refund and OP needs to eat the shipping if he in fact received those pictures prior to getting the item. I bought a brand new downpipe from VRS and they welded the flex on crooked. It was as obvious as daylight, i sent it back, they told me it lined up on the jig but "based on my pictures I took of where it was touching the cross member they were able to fix it"......sure i was pissed cuz they wouldnt fess up to being drunk or something when they welded it the first time and never paid me back for the return shipping. I had to eat it

he never did send any of those new pics he's presenting now... his lying keeps getting worse by the post.. all he's showing me is how desperate he's getting..
2014-09-12 10:51:04
I'm trying to be neutral here, but Jordan is not a business, you can't ask for a refund for shipping and unfortunately that sucks. With that said, the only resolution I see from this is:

a) You send the header back and get your $350 + PayPal fees or...

b) Get an estimate on how much it would be to fix it to your liking (from a reputable shop) and post it here and Jordan pays for the bill.

That's just my .02 cents on this unfortunate situation.
Last edited by 92_sEnAtRa on 2014-09-12 at 10-53-00.
2014-09-12 12:19:33
You bought a used part. You should have asked for pictures of a used part before hand. However, Jordan, your packaging sucked and it caused the 2 little dents on the top. If it were me, I would offer a small refund, but not to the tune of $175 bucks. Seems both of you cant be logical on the situation. Seller wont make it good, Buyer is being unrealstic. Both of you 2 stop acting like bitches and take care of it like men.
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