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Thread: Buyer Beware: ccrelan

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2014-03-01 01:49:37
Originally Posted by jay121312
I have and will again admit some fault in this matter. I should have disassembled them prior to purchasing. In my defense i was at work without all the proper tools needed. As far as going to get my money back, he is in ct idk were, and that is not the point. To have someone blatantly lie to me, and try to cover it with sugar is bullshit. I am not even looking for the full amount to fix them, in my opinion half would suffice

I tend to disagree with the fault on your part because I had considered buying these as well and nothing was disclosed to me. There would have been no way for me to disassemble or even look at them before they were delivered to me.
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2014-03-01 01:54:27
years ago a dude bought AGX's from me, I shipped them and never heard from him again until 6 months later he claimed 2 were blown, all I know is they were fine when I sent them. that's the problem with selling used struts and stuff with moving parts etc.
2014-03-01 16:08:39
Buyer was refunded $200 by bank check
2014-03-01 19:17:27
Jay, follow up and let us know when you get it.
2014-03-02 02:52:18
Received it today! Would have liked a heads up seeing as i no longer work there. Did not like the comments that were attached to the check but i am as satisfied as i will be. Thank you all for your help
2014-03-02 07:14:05
Lol, please tell us what the comments were. I'd love to know. was it like HONDA RULES? or something?
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