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Thread: Buyer beware Jer_760

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2014-01-03 20:22:51
Originally Posted by wnwright

Awesome... I don't get notifications anymore.

Not sure what he is up to anymore. Last I heard ~ year ago he was let go from railroad and got some job cleaning a shop that had sprint cars. He hasn't responded to me since the last time I pinged him for sales issues here.

Hi Nate!

Do you get text messages anymore?
2014-01-15 15:39:00
No signs of finding Jer? goodbye replacement engine block *sigh*
2014-01-16 01:05:30
It sucks, but people for the love of GOD and all that is HOLY, PLEASE look at the blacklists and do your due diligence before spending money on the internet. There are enough people on here that you should have no problem finding out if someone is legit or not!

2014-01-17 00:26:47
Needless to say me going to where he used to live, and not seeing his car there on the two occasions I went- and trying to email him- and doing anything short of a steak-out for a long period of time at that apartment which is---- PLUG THESE COORDINATES INTO GOOD MAPS and then ( I forgot the unit # ) 32.786338,-97.06332 Has gotten me nowhere.

his door faces that parking lot... JUST to the west of that marker and he parks right there where the coordinates point out... Other then that- Unless we get some dick to find him( which might be worth it to some of you) I doubt Ill be able to get him unless A- I get lucky or B- I have a long period of time to wait...

Sorry I tried!

Edit- he drives a mazda3 hatch I believe grey in color, and his mother just got a tiny little ford something or other- a litttttle bitty car.
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2014-01-17 01:38:31
Buyer beware Jer_760
I appreciate your time and effort👍
I have given up on receiving anything at all.
Wish I could jail brake his Facebook account so I can humiliate him amongst his friends and family.

I am against violence but it wouldn't hurt if he accidentally thrust his jaw at someones fist.

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2014-01-17 04:04:28
@Cliff @kiwi-japie I sent facebook msgs to him- his (i guess) sister, and Erin- whom I do believe is his gf/wife/possibly baby's mother. We will see if I can get a good working phone number for him.
2014-02-07 01:02:37
@Cliff @kiwi-japie I got a msg back from his cousin I think on FB and she said she was going to help me get his moms number but she hasnt heard from him either. Ill keep you posted
2014-02-07 01:07:03
Buyer beware Jer_760
Cool. Thx

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