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Thread: chapnutz1

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2014-06-30 21:00:00
Is chap's real name Jason (from JGY)?
2014-06-30 21:04:18
Here's the wording he texted me ransoming the parts:
From: Justin
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 17:23:42 -0400
Subject: SMS with Justin

I need that money. I'm not doing anything till it goes back into my account

and his original "all included" text, previous to the extras I listed above which we worked out over the next few days in texts:
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Justin
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2014 09:54:46 -0400
Subject: SMS with Justin
To: #####

I'm also including shipping and PayPal fees. And because you in Canada
an I'm in the us, customs fees

The gate is actually new

Turbo was just checked by Garrett through the exchange program and had
only been ran at idle prior to my friend seeking it to me. Had it
checked because it sat on a shelf for a few years. Was replaced with a
6262. These go for 1k used and retail for 1800... Also including an
extra exhaust housing

Injectors are brand new. These were just released by semens deka and
the best for ethanol based fuels

Intercooler is new. Measures 28w X 9h X 2.5thick with 2.5 in/outlet.
It should fit with little to no trimming. Couplers and tbolt clamps
that I feel you could use.

Fuel rail is new. Doug is actually going to make it.

Also tossing in a fuel pump. And I usually give extra stuff that I
feel could be used

Manifold, price I listed it at is a screaming deal. That thing retails for
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2014-07-01 00:41:58
justin chaplin

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2014-07-01 00:56:22
All that said, if someone has a fmic, a bov and a tband clam they'd like to sell/donate to a ripped off individual....

worth a shot haha
2014-07-01 03:10:56
What size fmic you need
2014-07-01 15:18:13
Whatever fits an nx2k
2014-07-04 13:28:55
Update: I had a text waiting for me this morning from my church office that there is a package from Justin waiting there for me. I will update tomorrow after I see what it is.
2014-07-04 15:12:42
dont open it there might burst into flames
2014-07-04 16:14:28
I'm expecting a severed hand giving me the finger tbh.
2014-07-04 16:36:44
And thoroughly inspect everything before using it on your car. I would expect the worst, sad to say.
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