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Thread: Thumbs down nsusammyeb

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2013-05-16 16:02:14
Originally Posted by wnwright
Originally Posted by b13luvr
I apologize for flaming you. in my experience people don't do anything unless they are put on spot. I manage a IT Team, and Encourage the same..

So did you try and work something out with Matt before posting?

And if you publicly humiliate people under you before talking to them that is the WORST management I have ever heard of. I've always buffered my employees from mistakes/issues and get great results out of them. If they won't do anything unless you put them on the spot then you don't have their trust and you aren't building a cooperative environment.

I texted him when I posted the pics so he could see the pictures. I over reacted when he responded, "deal with it"

I don't publicly humiliate, I just bring issues up in meetings, and resolve them with both employees. I let them talk to each other, instead of micro managing.

Ive had my job for years, and when the issues are brought to attention they never happen again.

yes, I should have waited before posting this.
2013-05-16 16:15:58
I will remove every trace of negative feedback, and this thread, once I hear a response from Matt.
thanks again.
2013-05-16 22:47:23
As long as it isn't a ridiculous cost to ship it back I'll cover it. Lets say you have a $50 allowance on ship back and leave it at that and up front. Just make sure everything else works after you cut the down pipe. You said cut the manifold in your earlier post and I'm hoping you meant down pipe. I'll start on it as soon as I get it.
2013-05-16 22:49:45
Thumbs down nsusammyeb
Badass! That's works for me man. Mods per our convo via pm, we can remove all if this nonsense.
2013-05-16 22:50:06
Thumbs down nsusammyeb
Thank you Matt!
2013-05-17 14:11:29
well handled like civil beings
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