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Thread: jer-760: RIP OFF ARTIST

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2012-08-15 21:42:39
Originally Posted by wnwright
Originally Posted by Disney
Oh, i've emailed him, called him, texted, PM'd.. Everything short of pony express and a note tied to a pigeon leg. He's just a POS person that feels fine ripping people off and dodging them. To each their own I guess. I sent at least 3 emails and PMs saying that I would resolve this without telling everyone what went down and he ignored me.
I did everything I could to give him a chance, now I just want to make sure he doesn't rip anyone else off,

You say ignore and he says no contact. You should have made it public from the get go and this could have been resolved. He has several other transactions during that time that were positive.

In the future please don't wait so long and the community will assist you. I have contacted him again telling him that this is here so he has no excuse to say he is not aware now.

Please forward PMs that you sent him to me. (I am moderator here and jer_760 is local to me) I will try to get to the bottom of this (no shock pun intended, but if it makes you giggle then you can).

PM's sent to you on the old forum.
2012-08-15 21:46:20
Originally Posted by Disney
PM's sent to you on the old forum.

Got them. Thanks.

Do you have what dates they were sent?
2012-08-15 21:46:31
Sent 8/6/12:
TITLE: K-Sports

I'm going to need a FULL refund on those K-sports you sold me. In no way, shape, or form are those things freshly rebuilt. They are actually completely blown, and you knew that when yuou sold them to me. I just want a full refund back from you and I will eat the shipping costs to get them back to you. Selling me those after advertising them as freshly rebuilt is about the sh*ttiest thing anyone has ever done to me on any car forum. You can make it right.

My paypal address in case you lost it is: [email]Disneymkvii@aol.com[/email]


Sent 8/13/12:


No Comment? You want to air this out in public? A quick google of your screen name shows all the forums you post on... Don't think I won't register on every single one of those as well, i've got the spare time.

You've got two days......
2012-08-15 21:47:56
2012-08-15 21:48:34
Posted 8/9/12
ATTN: jer_760 B14 Coilovers - SR20 Forum

Jeremy, I've been trying to contact you regarding these coilovers I bought from you. Please contact me ASAP. Either reply to my PM here, or the text message I sent you. A phone call, email, PM.... ANYTHING will suffice. Don't know how else to get in contact with you. I have seen that you've been online since i've sent the PM, just respond to it and let's resolve this ASAP.

Disneymkvii at aol
2012-08-15 21:50:07
Plus emails and text messages......
2012-08-15 22:21:15
Text message response from Jer_760

That lying piece if shit is getting on my last nerve, I pm'd him that night and signed I. The forum to pm'd just fucking calling me a thief, liar, scammer, all this bs. Saying that the shocks are blown now after he has been racing on them for over a month! I have the fucking receipt from way back when I got them rebuilt here, I threw them on the car so the car would be supported by something off of jack stands in the driveway when I got them back. I left them where they put them after they took them apart and just put them on the car without adjusting cause I wasn't gonna drive it. So they say there in the car for how ever many months until I got the agx's to put on. So they had no fucking miles on them after I got them back. So obviously he fucked them up someway, somehow, and now wants me to pay for them? And thinks that badmouthing, talking shit and calling me scammer and shit is going to bully me into paying for his fuck up, whatever it was? He's fucking crazy and a POS for trying to fuck me after I even offered him any of the spare b14 parts I had since he had to deal with that bidding war and me trying to refund his money for the other guy. Now I wish I would have just fucking sold to the other guy, then I wouldn't be getting attempted raped. I haven't been able to get on the forum since I pm'd him back, either forum for that matter. He just called me about an hour ago (the first time he has ever tried contacting my phone since the purchase) which I can prove by cell records, but I'm working. I just got this job and not about to fuck it up by having my ringer on and talking on the fuckin phone. You can post this wherever he posted if you want to cause I don't know if I will be able to get on there or not, I had to cut the Internet off until I get paid from here. Makes me fucking sick that someone is trying to fuck me after selling on the forums for ten plus years without one bad feedback. Hell I don't know how many times I have gone to a junkyard to get parts for someone who couldn't find them locally at their junkyard and pulled them from the cars in the middle of summer. Did that for budsang1 on a few occasions. I'm about to text him right now and tell him I can't call him back until I get off work. I don't know what the point will be though, he's already made his mind up on fucking me until I pay for his fuck up, then being left with parts I can no longer sell anymore to get that money back because of whatever he did in that month of racing. Like ksports are known for being reliable....I can't fucking help that, I know for a fact they were good when I sent them, which leaves only one explanation.....
He should have done research on them beforehand if he didn't want a bouncy pos Chinese coil over setup. This fuckin makes me sick to my stomach
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2012-08-15 22:24:43
I have a very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach now, he's been telling me about shipping issues for the last week for the 5th gear set I've paid for :/ if I'm wrong I'll apologise but this doesn't give me any confidence

2012-08-15 22:31:38
He also has promised to send me receipt for rebuild of the k-sports.
2012-08-15 22:57:30
crazy shit going on here. I have known jeremy for a long time. although I have had my ups and one very very big down, all in all I can say I dont think hes really ever tried to scam anyone. He has put in a ton of time with me and my cars and I actually purchased his b14 about 4 weeks ago. Its very clear he lost touch with his car, and his parts because of work, and then no work, and looking for work and all that. He didnt dd his b14 for over a year. Some of the parts on it were not they way they should have been but thats what happens when a car sits. He made good with me for sure. He never lied though. sucks that he had to sell off all his parts and the car just to survive.

So yes, in the face of many, I vouch for him. I do not believe he scammed you at all.

If he says that they were fine when he sent them, there would be no reason for us not to believe that.

BUT BUT BUT I am not surprised by anything anymore. Lets let more facts come out so that we can make a better case instead of some he said he said bullshit so far.
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