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Thread: Where's Johnny wangwang?

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2012-08-16 19:02:17
glad you guys stay in touch with me
2012-08-21 19:28:11
yeah still no turbo and it has been since july 31st i paid. Im going to open a claim to cover my ass and to hopefully get his attention or maybe some type of communication as to why it has taken him over 20 days to ship something.
2012-08-21 19:38:27
good idea
2012-08-22 22:13:34
tariq is a good guy
2012-08-22 22:51:52
Originally Posted by bgreen
tariq is a good guy

yeah he is. He just sucks at communication
2012-08-23 14:01:45
yeah he can be a great dude but dont really care anymore at this point. Good dudes dont vanish away and how hard is it to find a computer log on really quick and give me an update. It doesnt take that much to ship a part. I will let paypal hear his story (which probably wont happen) and hope my funds come back
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2012-08-23 14:03:55
Originally Posted by Scrildo
Yeah I saw him yesterday he mailed it out I don't think he has internet access and his phone which he usually uses to browse the forum is an acting up pos that works when it feeels like it.

so he lied to his friend? Ok so he said he shipped it on the 16th, thats 6 working business days even if he sent it parcel post it would of been here by now from NC
2012-08-23 15:17:29
Damn homie. I know how you feel right now. I went through the same thing with Dema
2012-08-23 23:14:02
texted me saying it was shipped and asked for a tracking number with no response from him
2012-08-24 01:38:55
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