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Thread: BUYER BEWARE - Japan Motor Import Montréal Canada

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2012-07-19 04:49:45
BUYER BEWARE - Japan Motor Import Montréal Canada
Hello All,

Just wanted to share my experience with a company that sells used japanese engines and transmissions.
These people totally screwed me over big time.

This may get a little lengthy and I apologize but please if you have time read and feel free to comment offer
any suggestions as I am out $1500 ( parts / labor / towing ) and if anything this will help others.

This company was 100% unwilling to help besides offering some ridiculous demands that do not even make sense.

Japan Motor Import ( BUYER BEWARE )
4255 Boulevard Métropolitain Est
Montréal, QC H1R 1Z4, Canada
(514) 369-3330


Parts purchased :
Honda Accord Transmission ( auto )

Car Type :
98 Honda Accord LX 4 Cylinder.


We just did a major service on the car ( timing belt / water pump etc ), The car was running great but at this point we noticed the trans would slip here and there.
So I figured lets have the dealer do a trans service, new fluid etc.. Well after that the trans just got worse and worse slipping like mad and died.

I have never really owned automatics and didn't know that if the fluids never been changed to your knowledge just LEAVE IT ALONE! Needless to say we needed a replacement.

We just spent all the money to do the tune up so funds were a little low and without a ton of time I couldn't do the trans myself. So I paid my buddy to do it who has a shop and is ASE certified he said just find a transmission so I looked and found two options.

  • Rebuild - $1500 or so
  • 30-40k Mile JDM Pull - $875

I slept on it and figured screw it lets just take our chance with the used transmission were only keeping the car another 2 years or so. So I find a good deal from a place called Japan Motor Import and I contact them. At first they seem really cool send pictures etc and talk about there is a 60 day warranty etc and its stated on there site.

Warranty - Warranty
Used Replacment Transmissions – 60 Days

So we order a transmission on 3-21-12, It arrives 3-27 at around 5pm, We dont install until mid April as time and funds were tight.

They tell me there will be like 4 sensors and that they will be marked in pink you need to swap your USDM sensors which we do.

The transmission was installed by my friend at his shop and on the books so I have a receipt etc. He runs a general repair facility but they also do lots of fast turbocharged cars etc.
This shop never cuts corners and does great work and my friend is pretty much the only mechanic he is the owner and takes pride in his work.

Needless to say within 500 miles the new transmission starts slipping and throws a check engine light.

The transmission has thrown the following codes :
  • P0730 - Faulty Shift Control System / Incorrect gear ratio condition
  • P1706 - lockup clutch does not engage
  • P0740 - TCC does not engage

I politely emailed Japan Motor Import about the issue :

First Email : http://www.darylgregg.net/misc/japan_motor_import_beware_1.pdf

( within the 60 day warranty period ) I also call to go over. ( .pdf contains images / time stamps etc )

The guy on the phone says, Im sorry to hear that please get me the codes and we will take care of you. I send him the codes and he says yeah sounds like its bad we will do the right thing and send you a new transmission but you have to pay the shipping of around $250. At this point I say fine that is fair. Do you guys need anything from the old transmission and he says not we dont need anything its not worth much if its broken or for you to ship back.

Well it took me about 2 weeks to get the money together so I called him back now to start the process and now he says the following and I quote it.

We are going to need you to send the transmission back to us for inspection, We need to make sure it was not due to installation error. We need to test and look into what went wrong
( this is an engine depot not a transmission shop ). I said to the guy what could of possibly be installed wrong its not a complex job to install the transmission.

Transmission cooler was flushed, Sensors swapped, installed and then codes cleared.

They totally changed there story and now wont do anything without the transmission being sent back to them on my dime and then if they can deem it was not due to installation error they will send me another one if not im beat.

Second Email: Below ( .pdf as well - http://www.darylgregg.net/misc/japan_motor_import_beware_2.pdf )

Hello Japan Motor,

I cannot begin to tell you how frustrated I am with this process especially after being told 1 thing and then haveing the story totally change and it taking over a 2 months now.
We have been without a car for months due to this process and it makes it very hard to get around with our 5 month old baby.
This transmission was installed with OEM Honda Transmission fluid by an ASE Certified mechanic / shop.

Once the transmission began to fail ( less than 500 miles / 60 days ) I contacted JMI and provided all details and codes :

[INDENT]First it was " it makes no sense for us to request the old transmission back "
We will send you another but you have to pay shipping which was fine.

Now its " you need to send us the transmission to inspect at your dime "
So now I have to pay a mechanic to remove the transmission, I have to remove
all my solonoids that were transferred to the transmission, and then ship to you.
Plus tie up a lift or space at the shop.[/INDENT]

I need in writing.

That you will reimburse me for shipping in both directions ( return of old and shipping of new ) if it is proven that the transmisson was bad and not due to "installation error"

I need to know what testing you will be using and what you will be testing for so I can verify the process with a reputable transmission shop ( sanity check ).

I need to know what went bad and how it went bad, Not just the transmission arrives you guys look at it and say " yep it was installation error sorry nothing we can do ".

Any transmission expert / mechanic will tell you most automatic transmissions that are not maintained ( fluid changes ) will usually fail shortly after a fluid change HONDA's especially
which are notorious for this behaviour. ( do a google search its all out there ).

So you sold us a used tranmission and when installing we are performing the same as your basic fluid change. This can destroy a transmission that was not maintained. This is why we
had to buy a new one to begin with.

We changed the fluid on our old trans and it died, when getting your transmission it died in the same fashion after adding the new fluid.

What testing is done on your used transmissions or are they just pulled and sold? What is the process for testing?

You give 60 day warrantys and I contacted you within that time.

So please send this all in writing and I will sign and then start the process but not until then.

My mechanic is beyond dumbfounded as he cannot hold up a lift for this long and that we are blaming installation error when a transmission install for an ASE Certified mechanic which is the most basic auto repair / process.

I need to this to get in motion as I have better things to do with my time then try to scam a transmission from you. I just need a functional car again, I bought a transmission with a 60 day warranty and now you are not honoring your warranty.

No where is it stated it needs to be sent back inspected and then determined what failed it states :
Warranty Details
See # 6. Used Replacment Transmissions 60 Days

Engines are different then transmissions as you can compression test etc before they leave but what testing is done to these automatic transmissions before they leave your shop??

No where it states that any testing is done on the transmission so please provide me with everything requested and I will start the process on my end.

PLEASE CALL ME TO DISCUSS ASAP as this is already beyond an inconvienience and a poor customer experience.

Also please look at my email address, You are working with a guy that works at an engineering firm that specializes in internal and external HONDA/Acura engine design not some ignorant person that is just trying to scam you for a transmission.

I am a proud member of SEMA and a car enthusiast and above all a respectable person.

We just want our car back in working condition and contacted your place of business hoping to get a good quality part.

Please respond with your intentions by end of business Tuesday July 17, 2012. ( this was sent a week before the 17th )
If I do not here from you by this date and time, I will assume that you are not going to honor your warranty, and I will proceed with my next course of action.


I HAVE RECIEVED NO REPLY, NO PHONE CALLS, NOTHING! They will not do anything to help and could care less. All they say now is they need it back to inspect.

To send back it would cost me $250 or so, Plus pay shop to remove from car, Remove Sensors that we put on from our US Transmission per Japan Motor,
and if they say its our fault we get no money back nada.

I had to share that guys, Let me know if you have any suggestions or ways to help im trying to seek as much assistance as I can. I may submit this to Jalopnik.com & Autoblog.com as well
Last edited by QUiKSR20 on 2012-07-19 at 06-38-02.
2012-07-20 02:26:19
Share your experiences if you ever had an issue like this, Feel free to cut and paste on other forums.. These guys are a bunch of crooks!
2012-07-20 03:04:23
that sucks, but that is a lot for an accord jdm transmission. I bought a 98 accord that had a bad trans and got mine from one stateside for $450 to my door and it was almost new looking. I bought mine off ebay if im not mistaken.
2012-07-20 03:18:41
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
that sucks, but that is a lot for an accord jdm transmission. I bought a 98 accord that had a bad trans and got mine from one stateside for $450 to my door and it was almost new looking. I bought mine off ebay if im not mistaken.

Yeah this was off of ebay too, We would just hate to get another bad used trans or sell the car.

It has 138k miles and we just did a full tune up + front/rear main seals all belts including timing belt and water pump. All with OEM parts and the car is in great shape.

Just out like $1300 or so and the shop is being complete jerk offs. Stuff like this is why I paid more for my MIKO motor vs some of the places in NJ with shakey reps.. My motor and car turned out great.
2012-07-20 03:28:56
yeah, my trans was perfect and drove like new. Very clean.
2012-07-20 03:36:56
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
yeah, my trans was perfect and drove like new. Very clean.

Damn you lol jk
2012-07-20 04:10:36
Is there any kind of BBB for Canada I can log something with.
2012-07-20 04:29:05
maybe they are just a big scam.... THink about it.
Sell broken trans, just to have you warranty return it, keeping your money.
And then they sell the same broken one to another person to have them return it for warranty.
Over and over again.
2012-07-20 04:33:45
Thats the problem, I asked how they are going to determine if the transmission is bad? They mentioned something about contamination.

But I am shipping it back with no fluid and it took a crap on me, Of course theres going to be failed components or contamination.

If they tell me its "Installation Error" Im out the labor to remove it a 2nd time and the money and time spent sending it back to them.

They wont even tell me how they plan on diagnosing it, I dont know why its so far fetched that I got a bad used transmission and do the right thing. And with a good experience I would be inclined to buy again from them.

Why risk your reputation this part probably cost them under $200
2012-07-20 04:34:34
Originally Posted by QUiKSR20
Is there any kind of BBB for Canada I can log something with.


Home - Canadian BBB
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