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Thread: Cuddy146 aka Edson Pereira

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2012-07-14 00:16:58
Originally Posted by Chriscar
Done - someone ping me if he makes good on the engine.


I am also interested to see if he makes good. As for now though, he's banned from this forum for sure.

Maybe if he has a moment of clarity he'll make good, in which case I will offer him the opportunity to visit. He will however remain banned from the classifieds.
2012-07-14 00:19:39
What a d bag.
2012-07-14 00:43:40
He had another response today for me!
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2012-07-14 00:44:42
Originally Posted by morgans432
Where in nj

I met him in Newark, NJ.
2012-07-14 01:07:48
His latest post today @1:24PM

Originally Posted by Cuddy146
WAs never my motor so I dont care whats wrong with it. Had you been unhappy with your purchase you should have told me you wanted to return it to me. not go and buy parts for your build and ask me to help you pay for it.

The motor was runnig the night before they pulled it out. The car was moved form one garage to the next with that motor in it smoking but running. Now I told you that forget what my thread says I informed you and the other interested buyers that the motor was smoking and I even showed you how black from oil build up in exhaust port 1 was. But you thought you came all the way to NJ and got yourself a steal??? MHHHMMMMMM sorry bud should of just returned it to me.

Ill even take the motor back right now and you can return all your parts if you want.

That prompted my response.
2012-07-14 01:08:10
5/5/2012 - This is the day after I brought the engine home.
7:38pm – Kyle – Intake valve above cyl 1 is cracked where the cracker sits. The exhaust side on cyl one has excessive oil. Could be valve seal maybe. Would explain the smoking. I am home safe and sound, bud.
7:43pm – Ed – Really ???? How did I not see that. Is it bad? I didn't see it when I looked at the motor.
8:21pm- Ed - But I haven't looked at the PM you sent me. I'm leaving town today and I'm driving right now.
8:24pm- Ed – Thank you brother. So you took the head off?

5/14/2012 -
9:35pm - 11minutes and 24 seconds conversation with Ed. Kyle spoke with Ed for the first time on the telephone and told him all the issues. Intake shim chipped where rocker rests, flywheel bolts gone, crank pulley separated, pistons number one and four are damaged, the bore on cylinder one is damaged from piston breaking.

5/14/2012 -
10:09pm- Email sent to Ed from Kyle with picture of the broken piston.
10:10pm- Ed - Ok bud I'm ah take a look

5/15/2012 -
6:41pm- Ed – Did you remove the crank pulley?
6:42pm- Kyle – Not yet. I can't without flywheel bolts.
6:44pm- Ed – So what's wrong with it again? My mechanic is saying there was nothing wrong with it
6:48pm- Ed – Ok yea I saw the piston n the block. The block is still good needs to be honed.
6:49pm- Kyle – If that sleeve is cracked...it is not so good. Impossible to tell with the piece of piston welded on the cylinder bore wall like it is.
6:52pm- Ed – From my picture I can tell the block is fine. Sleeves can be replaced as well. It's def going up a bore size.
6:53pm- Ed – I want to see what you're talking about on the crank pulley.
6:55pm- Kyle – The timing marks are facing 530 if I were to use a clock reference when it should be at 12 o'clock
6:57pm- Ed – The timing marks were facing up the day I spun the motor.
6:58pm- Ed – Just send me a picture I want to see what's going on
7:00pm- Kyle – The new crank pulley and flywheel bolts should be here tomorrow. I shall when I am home and I will send you a picture of what a new/good one is supposed to look like. Ever do timing adjustments with a timing light gun on an SR20 before, sir?
7:03pm- Ed – Yeah
7:06pm- Kyle – If you tried to time this engine when 1 is at TDC you would not see any hash marks when the light was flashing. The marks are on the pulley but they are in the wrong spot because the stock two piece crank pulley does that.
7:08pm- Ed – Same email I'll check after the gym Kyle and I'll get back to you if it's not too late.
7:12pm- Kyle – I will be awake, sir. It is up to you.
7:13pm- Ed – Ok I'll send a text before I call

5/16/2012 -
7:59pm- Kyle – Check those pics? I got the new crank pulley and flywheel bolts today.

5/17/2012 -
9:48am- Kyle – Good morning, Ed! Did you look at the pictures, yet?
9:56am- Ed – No I will later on with my mechanic.
10:01am- Kyle – Alrighty, sir. I sent new pics of what a crank pulley should look like.
10:02am- Kyle – Have a nice day, buddy!
10:03am- Ed – You too brother. I'll take a look at everything a little later and I'll talk to you later.
2:02pm- Ed – Where you u buy the crank pulley from? And why didn't you just replace the seal?
2:03pm- Kyle – It is a Nissan OEM unit and the seal is not the problem and would be replaced anyway, sir.
2:05pm- Ed – Purchased from gspec?
2:05pm- Ed – I spoke to the guy I bought the motor from too, pretty much told me to go fuck myself. I mean hey I don't blame him it's not his problem.
2:08pm- Kyle – All of this could have been prevented and now I feel like I am getting effed. I only want some money back. I think the rest is usable but the crank pulley is worthless and I have to get new OEM flywheel bolts since the Gti-R engine has rare flywheel bolt size.
2:09pm- Kyle – No. Another vendor I found. Greg recommended the guy I purchased the parts from. The crank on this engine is not good.
2:12pm- Ed – I hear you bro but 600 bucks is a steal. You got a head, a block, pumps and itbs you def made out. I wish I knew the motor was bad I wouldn't have sold it to you.
2:15pm- Ed – Why didn't you buy it from Greg? And how much did you pay?
2:20pm- Kyle – 1. Paying $600 for a blown engine is a steal for you, sir. Not I. 2. Greg V does not stock Gti-R stuff. It is too hard for him to get Euro stuff. 3. I paid $280 for the crank pulley and 8 flywheel bolts. Ebay. Erics Performance shop. The pistons are half worthless. I still have to replace an intake shim on top of the crank pulley and flywheel bolts. If I sold a blow engine for $200, I would be ecstatic.
2:28pm- Ed – I didn't know the motor was blown.
2:30pm Kyle – Why should I eat all the costs to fix this? Didn't your mechanic look at it anymore besides pulling the valve cover off and pulling the intake manifold?
2:32pm- Ed – No he did not.
2:36pm- Kyle – And from your responses in regards to the crank pulley, do you still not understand what is wrong with it? I have receipts for the crank and flywheel bolts. I still have to replace the intake shim which I am not holding you responsible for. I only want $280 for the crank pulley and fly wheel bolts. If that is not fair that I have to pay for negligence not caused by myself, then something is wrong.
2:39pm- Ed – I have to talk to my mechanic.
2:40pm- Kyle – Sorry if he is your friend but you need a new mechanic. A tank of air and a leakdown test would have told you this was blown. No other tools or dis assembly required.
2:50pm- Ed – I didn't care if it was I didn't want the motor. So I sold it for cheap. I buy and sell stuff all the time. And from that I have been through it all. I can't text right now buddy going to go see my mechanic later. I'll text of call you later.
2:51pm- Kyle – Ok have a nice day, sir. Sorry to eat up your time.
2:56pm- Ed – It's ok buddy talk to you soon.

5/18/2012 -
9:13am- Kyle – You there, sir?
8:29pm- Kyle – Hello?
8:31pm- Ed – Hey buddy sorry working late tonight

5/19/2012 -
12:48pm- Kyle – Hello?
12:49pm- Ed – Hey bud
12:50pm- Kyle – Did you talk to your mechanic?
12:50pm- Ed – Yeah he saw it.
12:52pm- Kyle – I sent you an email with links to where I bought the flywheel bolts and crank from. Are you going to pay for those parts so we can was our hands from this deal forever?
12:53pm- Ed – I'm not paying for parts for a used motor I sold to you as is. The block is fine I'm sure that crank is fine and you made out with enough parts.
12:54pm- Ed – I don't want to seem like a dick Kyle but why should I have to pay for a used turbo motor I sold you. They don't even warranty turbo motors.
12:55pm- Ed – I knew nothing of that motor. Nothing at all.
12:55pm- Kyle – You advertised it as a running, working engine. Even my payment via PayPal said so in the description. You have one more chance to fix the wrong and not pass on being screwed to another innocent person. What are you going to do? The right thing or the wrong thing? This is called FRAUD and deception.
12:57pm- Ed – No it's called buying used stuff. I bought it the same way you did.
12:57pm- Ed – I didn't advertise it as a running n I I did I said it ran and it smoked. Just like I told you.
12:57pm- Ed – You got into this not me.
12:58pm- Ed – There motors cost $1700. I bought a blown bluebird 2 years ago for $650. Two bad pistons. And when I opened it the crank seat was fucked meaning the block was done.
1:00pm- Kyle – If you want to do this, I will file a small claims court against this and if you do not show up your wages will be garnished by NJ. I have been patient with this whole ordeal. Everyone knows you advertised this is a working engine when it does not work.
1:01pm- Ed – I didn't call the kid and say hey pay me back!
1:01pm- Ed – The engine did work and now it doesn't cuz u pulled it apart.
1:02pm- Ed – You do what you want to do sir. The item was sold as is. I will show up to court happily brother.
1:03pm- Kyle - “Hey guys like it says I have a pulsar gti-r engine motor laying around. It came with a car I purchased and was running fine. The motor is missing the t28 (turbo) and the top mount” -Ed. That is what YOU said.
1:04pm- Kyle – It did not work when I received it because piston 1 was blown.
1:05pm- Ed – I got it like u did items are sold as is.
1:06pm- Ed – You're threatening me and I am at work sir. Sorry have to get back to work.

This is every text message I translated because my phone cannot keep a lot of the messages I had to remove them from the phone.

That last message was the last time I spoke to or communicated with him, at all, in any way, shape, or form until recently his outbreak of dog shit from his dirt fingers.
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2012-07-14 19:34:28
1:01pm- Ed – The engine did work and now it doesn't cuz u pulled it apart.

I know this sucks for you dude but lol @ his bullshit
2012-07-14 20:25:38
He is a complete moron and he is unreasonable.

I translated those text messages May 19th and it took him this long to go and check the internet forum where I have had a standing complaint thread against him for months.

I would do something I would regret if I go to NJ to meet with this real winner of life.
2012-07-14 20:30:18

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