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Thread: buyers beware of 92ser

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2012-06-13 10:10:13
Originally Posted by 92Ser
Your mad dumb bro in selling shit from a car that is over 20years old of course the shit isn't gunna be bran new dumbass if u don't like the shit I sell don't look at it or buy it simple as that ...

Lol your a joke
2012-06-13 10:42:59
Originally Posted by 91sentragti-r
What exactly were the threats? Im not acting like anything. When did i say all of them were blown??you didn't get my messages but you sure did got the one were i told you i was going to beat your ass huh? All you are is bullshit. Its all good though ill see you again.

You threatened him on this forum. I can read.
2012-06-13 12:52:00
Originally Posted by 92Ser
Like I already said I tried to work shit out with this guy I couldn't reply back to him for 2-3 days cuz of something real important and then he wants to make all kinds of threats in text messages and her on the forums I offerd to give him half his money back and I even took it as far as to give him a b13 tranny and he couldn't wait 2days like I already stated after all this threats of kicking my ass hunting me down treating my family etc etc he's not getting shit back from me I tried to work with him from day one so it's not like I didnt try to help this guy he checked out the item in pics before he came and a good 15mins before he bought them etc so do what u mods gotta do I've sold plenty of shit on here before this happens and after and not one complain but this guy....

Enough said. You can't even give me the courtesy of a reply to my PM?

I'm not going to give you the luxury to view the forum anymore, then.

Your three days has come and gone, and you've failed to deliver ONE PM to my inbox. So long.
2012-10-17 19:32:53
User has resurfaced as 91SentraSunny, and has been banned.
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