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Thread: Anyone know Felipe Hernandez from socal?

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2011-12-26 20:18:58
Anyone know Felipe Hernandez from socal?
The guy ran off with my nx without paying the rest of the money for it. Im tryna track him down. Hs email is serteamnismo@xxxxxxxx.
Any help would be appreciated.
2011-12-26 20:22:21
(559) 673-4300
Madera, CA is all the info I have. I have the address but its his ex wife's house.
2011-12-26 21:54:20
Team Nismo is a problem.
2011-12-26 21:56:13
Team nismo is a BIG problem. Buncha POS noob gangstars

Hope you find him

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2011-12-26 23:31:56
Yea he used all temp numbers. Sneaky guy!
2011-12-26 23:36:44
Also goes by abel or lebel hernandez
2011-12-27 04:23:50
Did you already give him the title for the car? If so that was kind of stupid. If not call and report the car stolen, if he hasnt paid what hes supposed to, the car isnt his and deserves to have his ass arrested.
2011-12-27 16:28:40
Damn thats fucked up, what'sgoing on with theses type of peiple lately?

You should call that shit in four sure, report it stolen.......and get it back if you have the title....keep his cash, fucking punk
2011-12-27 17:41:48
559 is fresno cali area code.. i gots fam over there.
2011-12-27 18:20:41
Sounds like a job for judge Judy
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