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Thread: tampag20t

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2011-02-27 22:35:57
Originally Posted by chapnutz1
thats cause you're the man Miko!!!

Stratton...I asked if he pit insurance on it and all he said was you have to open it in front of them in order to make a claim...I called fedex and they said the shipper has to make the claim, the person on the phone pushed it to escalations and they are supposed to call me back within 72hrs, we'll see what happens

Good luck with that. They are coorect, the shipper has to do all the leg work with getting reimbursed through fedex. And judging by this guy's attitude, he will give up almost immediately because it is a tedious process with alot of phone calls/sitting on hold.

Davereacer and I went through this about 4 years ago, it had absolutely nothing to do with his packaging though. Lucking he was good enough to take care of it all and make the necessary phone calls to get it taken care of. I think it took about a month or two to get my money back from the shipping company.
2011-02-28 01:38:20
Originally Posted by Andreas

It takes me about 30-40 mins to pack everything. The bottom of the box is covered with 3-4 other boxes to stregthen the box and make sure nothing brekas through and damages the head. The head is packed in a garbage bag so no oil leaks out. The head has about 3 to 4 inches of styrofoam around it so nothing breaks though or that nothing touches the head. Then the intake manifold is put into the box and then packed with styrofoam and then whatever remaining parts. I always dissasemble the head so that it has not water necks or VVL selenoids on it.

I have never had one damaged that I have shipped yet. I take alot of time and pride in what I do.

Dre is the packing master! I bought a ve head from him that travel 4200 miles and survived UK customers and it arrived in spotless condition. I'm really glad I took the time to buy from a reputable seller. I can't believe the number of disputes on this site.
2011-02-28 05:04:34
First of all, tampa g20t, you sound like someone I know, someone named Tony who lives in Tampa. Is that you? Because I can tell you, Tony is a Moron and so are you.

Secondly, it's your own fault for being an idiot, overpaying for a head when Miko is right across the state, and then not using it for your own enjoyment, instead selling it at a loss. No one forced you to take $450 shipped. He asked for that price you said "SOLD!" Who's the cheapskate? When I get lowballed, I tell the buyer to get lost.

Third, I've sold literally hundreds of parts on this forum, Parted out 2 and a half cars, plus some extra SR20 parts, I've never had a packaging issue. I never paid for boxes, I dumpster dive for them, and I use tons of packing material, either saved up, or I go and grab a dozen newspapers to crinkle up. Something like that would be double-boxed, or seriously padded.

That's not a shipping issue or an insurance issue. If you took out UPS/Fedex insurance, and sent them pictures of the aftermath, they'd tell you to fuck off and they wouldn't give you a dime. Part of the insurance process is that the insured part must first be properly packaged. They would've told you the insurance you took out is void, because there was NO padding, whatsoever.
2011-02-28 06:23:36
i 2nd ^ it does have to be packaged correctly or its tuff shit. sorry
2011-02-28 23:35:49
Originally Posted by vqman
i did take a lashing out fom forum members in your thread to get him to comply, but that's more than we can say about the guys from O.E.M.

at least he appears to be coming around..

Originally Posted by chapnutz1
huh? what do you mean?

what i was trying to say was, yes it is crap that it took a post on the forum, calling him out, for him to decide to come around and help you out with the loss. you know, after first saying to get lost when you PM'd him...

but, some guys won't come around even after they are called out on the forum, take O.E.M. for example. Those guys went down screaming that they did nothing wrong and that's even worse than what tampa g20t did. (all of this is assuming he helps out like he's finally said he would on this thread)
2011-03-01 00:46:12
^ok I understand what you are saying...t text him and he said ok...I'll have to wait and see if he comes through

I've never had any problems with mark at OEM
2011-03-01 00:51:16
Originally Posted by chapnutz1
I've never had any problems with mark at OEM

ah, now i see why you didn't understand what i was getting at...
2011-03-01 02:44:24
this is crazy, one time i sold a turbo kit and undersold it and didnt think shipping was going to be so much. boy was i wrong after packing and boxes and shipping i was out a pretty penny. my fault my lose and the buyer im sure was happy as hell...
2011-03-01 23:04:15
hey check this out!
2011-03-05 01:04:10
Issue resolved.
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