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Thread: Sad but Inevitable Day has Come

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2010-05-10 02:26:41
Does anybody know what is Calums email.I need to get in contact with him.Tryed his website but I can't find it.Realy need to get in contact with him
2010-05-10 02:30:07
2010-05-10 20:18:01
Nistune is a very good option once you get in touch with a tuner with the license or willing to pay for your own license and or willing to pay extra for the board actually its a very good option... Actually there is a couple of forum members installing basic boards with base tunes (including me) so its not the end of the world jejejejejeje
2010-05-12 04:54:22
Well when he first came out with his boards, it was more of a ok here is a lot of info for everybody. Everybody who read it was free to build it themselves. I think maybe Calum was trying to motivate group development. From the beginning he always said he just put together hardware. The tuning and everything else was up to the user. The support he has provided over the years in all honesty is beyond the original direction. I commend him for actually helping peeps out. I have one of his basic boards. I have yet to start playing with it, but I look forward to learning it and getting some cool results.

I agree completely with his goals, as people learn more by actually getting their hands dirty. I don't think a majority of people wanted to really learn the technology like they should have. A lot of peeps I think wanted a cheap alternative to the JWT without the need to go tune the damn thing. I mean seriously that is not the right way to go about things. Every car is different. If peeps really just wanted to make no effort then JWT has proven and safe options.

I need to go back and read the threads he started. I wouldn't mind making a board of my own. I'm not sure if Calum had a detailed write up on the real time boards. If he is planning on putting some info out there on how to create some even more kick ass board then big props to him. If that does happen I'm definitely going to give it a read, and for sure try to recreate the technology.
2010-05-13 11:22:54
Man I was really looking forward to getting his rtv2. I have his basic for my b14 and it works great and was looking forward to getting a realtime for the ease of dyno tuning.

I hope Calum continues with designing the hardware and just has someone else produce the hardware for him. Then just have them pay Calum the royalties for each ecu being built with his boards.
2010-06-17 08:07:07
I like how I sent my ecu to calum and never got it back if anyone know's how to get a hold of him i would appreciate that
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