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Thread: U13 Basic Tune

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2009-09-03 23:05:24
U13 Basic Tune
Hey guys, I'm new in the whole tuning thing and I've got a few quick questions. I'm about to buy a U13 Bluebird JDM ECU with a Calum daughterboard on it. It is currently running the original base tune, 370's, and a GTi-R MAF. I know you can reprogram these, but not to what extent. So, my questions are:

Will the origninal base tune, how will that run in my USDM DE+T25?

Can I tune it to recognize the fat O2 sensor as opposed to the small?

I know I can tune the MAF, but it's running JDM spec, can it tune to USDM DE MAF?

That's all for now really, I will be putting this in my '93 NX if everything will work fine

Thanks for the help,
2009-09-04 12:13:27
Daily bump! Any help would be appreciated. I'm new to all of this stuff
2009-09-04 17:24:06
Why not use a pulsar maf and skinny 02?
2009-09-04 19:16:15
I don't know why I didn't consider that, hmm... I could very easily do that, was just thinking about ease. Is there any advantage with the Pulsar MAF over the stock MAF? And the skinny O2 is the same from the 300ZX TT? Are there any other sensors I will need to swap out to make this work?

Aside from all of that, running a USDM motor with a stock T25 setup with 370's oughtta run just peachy on it, right?
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