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Thread: Drum brakes failing annual inspection

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2019-09-11 02:06:31
Drum brakes failing annual inspection
I have drum brakes, I'm not sure a NX1600 has those. If it has no abs it probably does?

My drum brakes are failing inspection, braking differences. Besides I learned I need to check the handbrake cable to see it has not been skewed, I wonder is there something I need to know or be aware of? I'm planning to not replace the shoes but if one of them is far worn I will do of course.

So I clean it, adjust the shoes with that click thing and that is it?
2019-09-11 17:28:53
As long as the wheel cylinder is not leaking, yes, that is pretty much it. Replace the liners, small adjustment if they are old vs the new fat liners and it should be fine.
2019-09-12 06:57:56
In theory the parking brake cable is self-adjusting with a balance bar. Like Kely said, do an overall inspection but just adjusting the shoes should get you where you need to be.
2019-09-14 05:35:34
Okay thank you. There is one thing I don't understand yet and is a language barrier, are you recommending replacing springs or something? I'm not sure what liners are. I did once stretch a spring a bit. Of course I will replace breakpads that are allomost worn but I'll check it out today.
2019-09-14 09:57:32
Liners/shoes = (brake pads for drum units)

No springs should need replaced, they should have spring like clips that hold the liners/shoes in place, but that is all. Drums are super easy to work on.
2019-09-15 18:39:21
I noticed Kyle. After a bit of fiddling and pressing the pedal having no pressure and this too many times, I learned having no pressure is a leak, I forget to install the brake drum before pressing the pedal engine running. No pressure once means stop pressing and check.

But I did it this way, not reading manuals, but asking SR20 Community Forum - The Dash since the last time I was working with drum brakes I had no clue about that clicking thing and this time, one lesson learned, with brake oil all over the place and this pressure thing on top coming out, I just pushed that back and that seemed no problem.

Now the pedal is less mushy also but I already know original brake lines are so so at this age but I'll post another topic about how to bleed brakes single handed and just a large pool cover to catch the mess.

But the process is simple, first check if the hand brake divider is not skewed and if the brake lines are properly installed, one of mine wasn't, looked like someone loosened a metal grip part which I pinched back in place. This was the side that had proper grip at first hand brake click. Then find the nut at the hand brake and adjust all slack that might be there.

Then, find the brake drum that catches first and start working on the other side (my setup was failed rear brakes anual inspection, the other side should be loose and have no resistance), use the hand brake for the first click. Repeat hand brake click if both brake drums still have no grip if needed but aim for no hand brake no grip, first click nice grip or total grip on both sides. Be aware that at first no hand brake and no grip, first click, total grip (can't be turned by hands, still could be a little off)

Then, use the click thing clicking, on the side that has no grip until it catches up.

Check hand brake slack.

Check hand brake first click and if both drums have no total grip but can be turned grinding. If the grinding feels like drag, readjust a bit, move that metal part up and 'unclick'.

If the brake drum drag very little on both sides it should be proper. This might be at hand brake loosened but should be dragging a lot at first click and feel the same turning by hand at both sides.

Fire the car up and brake.

Easy peasy but now I understand. I still have to check with annual inspection but I suspect it will have not much braking difference, I'll ask them what they measured for learning if I did things right.

If there is something I could have done better, please tell me, I have a small issue with my Sr20 egg handbrake that passes inspection, but I wasn't able to make it first click brake, which I would like to have.

Be aware of nice even wear on inside the brake drums and check if all four brake shoes are also evenly worn nicely. I suppose
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