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Thread: Issues: Power Steering Pump removal to replace with new pump

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2016-08-02 04:07:01
Issues: Power Steering Pump removal to replace with new pump
Ok. here's the issues. I'll start what the cars equipment list and what I've removed.(Note: I want to keep my Powersteering):???:

1.) I removed passenger side axle to make it supposably easier to "drop it".
2.) The HP hose is still bolted/connected to the pump but the resivour hose has been removed.
3.) I even removed the IACV for more room.
4.) I do have AC lines attached. (pulley belt of course has been removed)
5.) Pulley is still on pump.
6.) Disconnected the pulley tensioner bolts (the bracket still attached though to the motor that this hooks up to. Is this suppose to be removed???????)
7.) Unbolted the high pressure hose backet (on intake manifold).

What am I missing? I can't seem to get it to twisted/moving any way out ( "dropping it" aka going under neath the car or trying to get it go up towards the hood)? Also the pump going in has the HP hose still attached but I'll be remove the resivour hose if I have to get it back in.:???::???::???::???::???::???::???:
2016-08-02 04:41:40
Would definitely get the hp hose off from the old pump 1st i believe its a 22mm or 27 cant recall it 100%
2nd yes i would take all the adjustments brakets + i believe you do have to take the ps pulley to give you access to some bolts being behind it i would also remove the hose from the resirvoir hopefully gives you enough room to find some more bolts to have access to be able to finish the job good luck
2016-08-02 20:56:18
i'm guessing there's got to be a way with leaving that hose on even though it might make it a tad better but it seems that the bracket (4 bolts) facing firewall has to be removed. But in order to do that you have to unbolt the intake manifold brace since it's bolts on the side of the power steering where you can't get to the two 12mm bolts due to the axle bracket in the way.
2016-08-02 22:13:05
ugh . I have to replace mine soon on b13 .
I am dreading this.
Hate to see that you are having so many things to remove.
Please update this when you are done...are you using a lift or on jackstands/ground? just curious

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2016-08-02 23:30:06
Did you remove the big bolt on the bottom of the pump?
2016-08-03 04:45:12
Yes unfortunately , doing this on an SR20 can be a big PITA
2016-08-03 06:54:39
Okay so I got it removed and swapped out. kinda a pain but here's some tips that can help out and make the process easier from the info found

1.) Remove the High Pressure Hose (this is the common leaky issue most of the time). Tip if you don't have air tools (aka hi torque) here's the way I had to do it. I used a socket and wrench on the upper HP bolt bonjo side (where it bolts to chassis). BUT I also used an adjusted wrench to hold the piece your actually unbolting the bolt from. (i'll try to get pictures up tomorrow to explain this. this hard line can twist and snap. Look around on the forum as that's were I seen it happen to someone before. Thing it was an nx guy also lol)

2.) I have a Hi-port De and I know they have a different Intake Manifold braces/brackets then lo-port de, and Ve's (on those I want to say the brace/bracket gives you enough clearance).
This Intake Manifold bracket/brace though HAS to be removed. In order to get the PS pump out-dropped. I also found it easiest to remove :the axle & axle bracket to access for a few reasons:The IM Brace has- two 12mm hiding on lower end behind the PS bracket. Theres also one more bolt way up top under intake manifold (you should be able to see this-very visible). *note* i personally did NOT put it back in because if I remember correctly, back in the days a lot of guys left this out. Again, I'll try to put pictures up of this piece tomorrow.

3.) Power steering pump has a total of 4 bolts/hoses connected to it and have to be removed before dropping it.
1- loosen and tensioner from power steering
2- remove the other hose (this is clamped on)
3- Get under the car and reove the HP bonjo type nut from the PS pump. The size is 24mm. I also used a 10" extension (this is wear removing the axle will help a lot).
This has to be removed in order to get the clearance.
4- remove lower PS pum's bolt. (make sure you do it in the above order 1-4: due to this last bolt giving you the leverage you need to remove the HP bolt in the above #3

4.) things that I that don't really need to be removed like i did was the IACV, also pulley can stay on and if someone was been extreme lazy,I'm imaging the other hose with the clamp (not the HP hose though)

5.) I installed a b14 reservoir but be aware that the smaller of the two hoses will/may need to be shorten (test and fit yours before cutting it as my hose I want to say were not oem).

6.) That about it really. Jobs done. If I can remember anything I'll added it later. @eggman
2016-08-03 06:57:46
PS I was using jack stands. I'm guessing a lift can do just as good but in a tight place like that I feel on my back and those weird angles I can't image how I do it with a lift lol (ps I'm big guy too 6'1" and about 260 so hmm yeah lol). I also had a lot of virgin bolts (factory torqued and so I had to use a breaker bar for only the HP hose and the axle nut)
2016-08-03 17:07:05
Thanks so much for following up on this.I have been putting it off.I want to try to do it on a lift if possible...but that may not happen.LOL

Do you think its possible to get it out without removing the axle if there no manifold bracket? mines a VE and I took all that off before install anyway
2016-08-03 17:43:44
No prob. On mine I later discovered it was accessible from wheel well but this was after the strut been disconnected keep in mind but axle in-Not removed.

I also want to say on ve or lo ports you start off with a little more room to begin with in that ps area.. not 100% sure. Just judging from online pictures
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