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Thread: How many interested in a new high end coil over at a good price?

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2014-10-09 06:59:55
Re: How many interested in a new high end coil over at a good price?
Zetas do come with bearings in the top mounts.

2014-10-10 12:52:50
koyo bearings, nice
2016-01-06 21:18:13
Drove 3 hours across the UK on everything from fast single lane twisting roads to crawling through pot holed city centre roads, in an EK9 with Zeta Rs and they are fantastic. Even in the very stiff Civic chassis they were comfortable and provided great handling.

My old N15 had BCs and these are night and day difference.
2016-01-07 01:31:53

You interested here anymore or not really?
2016-01-07 05:39:29
Wow… I totally forgot about this thread until I got an E-mail alert just now.

Interestingly, we just started MeisterR USA.
We got a workshop and a warehouse to do all our distribution and after sales servicing.
Our first USA stock just arrived, so we are just starting business this week.

So last when I was here was October 2014? Quite a few things had changed since then.
We further developed the GT1 and now use a Twin Reinforced Piston assembly, literally just release last week.

We have brought out our new generation coilovers, the ZetaCRD.
We been taking experience working with our UK technical partner over the past few years and pour all of our R&D into our new coilovers.
Quite a lot in this update, a new "Close Ratio Damping" valving that we developed in house in UK.
Thicker damper shaft, spring rubber insulator, and a unique non-slip collar system that have a UK patent pending status.
Happy with the result and all of our initial feedback had been positive, which is great… again, the ZetaCRD was just release on Monday.

So we move on quite a lot in the last 15 months.

In the USA, I help out a local driver running in the Houston SCCA Auto Solo in a S2000.
Swap out a set of Bilstein PSS9 coilovers, put on a set of MeisterR ZetaCRD; no other changes.
The next 5 race result was 3rd, 1st, 1st, 1st, and 2nd, and so he just secured the STR class championship.

Did a few other things in Europe:
2nd and 3rd place in the British Drift Championship
Time Attack FWD Club Class Winner
A few other bits and bobs.

As for the N15 / B14 coilovers, we discontinued sometime ago.
There just isn't any demand for them so that is why we haven't got any in production.
I have been asked for the Pulsar GTiR (RNN14), which might have something in common with the N14 / B13, but I won't be sure until I look at the engineering drawing.
And in UK I don't think I ever touched the N14 / B13 chassis at all.

Stock wise we currently carry your more typical sport car: 350Z / 370Z, EVO, WRX, Mustang, Camaro, Fiesta ST, FR-S, S13 / S14, and I even got some stock for R32 GTR as quite a few is heading over to the USA now (including mine).

We will be expending our range slowly so I can't say I am interested or not at this point.
Will see how things pan out in the near future before I make any real decision.

In case anyone ask if I have damper dyno… Not yet.
I only got all our development dyno which is a bunch of Force vs Displacement graph layered all together.
It serve the purpose for what we need to know, but it isn't really presentable…
Will be getting some prettier looking dyno soon as a new website is being build as we speak.

Anyways, nice to hear from everyone.
Hope you are all having fun, and maybe I'll catch up with the forum members if there are anything I can help.

2016-01-08 01:33:51
Wow this got quite technical... For those who kno about this. Are tein complete coil overs considered high end?
2016-01-08 02:12:13
Originally Posted by team
Wow this got quite technical... For those who kno about this. Are tein complete coil overs considered high end?

High end would be Penske, kW, Moton, Etc. usually those are built to spec applications, Usually for race teams & heavy duty weekend racers. They're pretty expensive but worth it if you're building a race car. Other than that a BC, fortune auto, koni, kyb coil over with swift springs & other supporting suspension/tire mods could make a huge difference.
2016-01-08 05:10:44
So are tein any good?
2016-01-08 06:33:36
Originally Posted by team
So are tein any good?

They can with supporting mods & what type of use the car would be using them for
2016-01-08 14:44:34
So "KW" makes coils overs for our classics?
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