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Thread: Anyone remove thier front sway bar (B14)?

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2013-10-25 20:38:55
Originally Posted by Kyle
Originally Posted by jet
Originally Posted by PEDRONX2k
is thenx front bar any diff out of the bunch...nx sentra b14 ....

NX front bar is thicker than the b13 and b14 bar.

Any proof to substantiate this claim? I asked a fellow local member with a mostly stock NX to check and he got the same numbers listed in the FSM.

28mm front and 15mm rear.

You asking me @Kyle? I have both NX and stock B14 SE-R bars sitting in my storage unit and can tell you the NX bar is more beefier and heavier than the B14. The B14 bar is not 28mm, more like 25mm. Even the bar bushings are different part numbers for each bar.
2013-10-25 20:52:41
Yes, @jet, can you please go out and measure the difference for me. I asked another local member to do that and he reported back with those numbers (which do not indicate a difference between a B13 SE-R and a B13 NX front stabilizer bar).

The B13 Sentra indicates 28mm for an SE-R model and 28.6mm for a 1.6L B13 Sentra (with a varying thickness on the inner part of the bar)

The B14 Sentra indicates a 25mm bar.

I have heard of the hollow bar vs solid bar and such between the B13 and B14 bars, but I would really like to know if the B13 NX bar is different than a B13 SE-R bar.

Thank you!
2013-10-28 04:10:53
You're correct, the B13 NX SR20DE and the B13 SE-R both have the 28mm front bar. No difference according to the FSM and I've never notice a difference in any I've pulled at the junk yard.
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2013-11-07 17:24:49
I've run my B14 every which way, with regards to bars. In the end, I've found bar selection to be only a small piece of the puzzle to get a B14 closer to a neutral handling car. If I were to do it over, I would focus more on a panhard setup and springs. I think if you want to make any measurable difference, that's where the focus should be first. After that, maybe look at bars as a fine tuning option.
2014-02-10 00:10:43
Not sure how this may rub everyone but here it goes...

When I first got to England and drove my B14 into corners, it (or I) didn't do too well. Now this was also on cut spring and not-so-good condition AGXs. When I got my donor N15 GTi this thing handled like a dream. However, I also had a lot more driving experience so I am not sure of the variables here. I do have something of interest to note however. On the B14 there is a beefy 50000 MPH Crash bumper that ties the two frame rails together in the front. The N15 Almera GTi does not have this. I don't know what effect this has because I did get better as a driver. I can say this though. Right now I have KYB AGXs w/ Ebach springs/Cusco Front brace and ST Front sway bar and it handles the UK roads with very little trouble or understeer under throttle.

I would be curious to see what a B14 would drive like in the states with the front crash bar removed. Here is a video that some of you may have seen. This is a stock VZ-R, no bent beam and stock suspension

2014-02-10 13:21:51
I don't think the B14U chassis is anywhere near what the N15 chassis is.

So I say it'll still be a turd in a box.

2014-02-11 13:20:44
Well I have had both and there is no real reason why they should handle too differently from each other with proper modification. But thanks for the thoughtful contribution.

You smell funny...
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2014-02-11 15:28:55
It is a different chassis. What part about that is not computing?

B14U does not equal N15.

Instead of defending your theory via "You Smell..." comments, go out and prove it so no one can say anything that will make you feel the way you did upon your latest post.

Good luck!
Last edited by Kyle on 2014-02-11 at 15-33-17.
2014-02-11 20:34:15
Sense of humor much?

I understand that they are different, as stated I have had both. I can tell you that the only major difference in the chassis is the hatch verses the trunk. The N15 lacks the big metal bumper reinforcement that ties the two front rails together and the B14 lacks some floor bracing between the two rear shock towers. All I was suggesting is that without the front USDM bar, the B14 would and or does handle better than with it.
2014-02-11 20:42:56
No, it's the internet.

Back to post #5.

That video only proves that the engine makes more power which is already known and therefore the winner in that little match.

Just like why a Primera was a BTCC winner, it sure as hell was not because of the engine, it was because of the suspension.
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