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Thread: Front vs Rear Spring Rates

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2014-03-11 14:10:17
Originally Posted by Kyle
It wasn't in this thread but that works too.

P.S. I was talking about what a manufacturer does with cars, not what should be done with cars. Read the whole sentence and don't pick what you want to read.

Oh hush, no matter how many times I read it, that last bit doesn't fit in with the rest of the sentence. Thus you can't turn the blame on me for picking and choosing when your sentence structure is improper. You talked about manufacturers, then you switched tenses and made it sound like that's what you want me to do.
2014-03-11 15:17:07
What can I do to make it better for you because I was not suggesting anything to you or anyone as far as what they do with their own car. Maybe drop the word "should"?

I was explaining why the manufacturers choose the spring rates they do and nothing more.
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2014-03-11 18:00:47
Originally Posted by Vadim

What I think is happening here is: With softer rear springs, as you accelerate the weight transfers to the rear and the car squats. If your rear springs are soft, the car will keep on squatting and raising the front wheels, which causes them to loose traction. By having stiffer rear springs, as the car tries to squat, the stiffer rear springs resist the weight transfer, thus contain more weight on the front springs.

To a certain extent yes... for me stiffer rear springs runs along the same lines as running a large rear sway bar. Keeps the inside front tire from lifting in a corner and keeping the rear loose to help with rotation which also results in lifting the inside rear.. at least thats for an autox setup for fwd cars.

for example on my sts crx i run 400lbs front and 500lbs rear rates with a smaller crx hf front bar and large ST rear sway bar, toe out and lots of camber and incredibly low to the ground. its a bit scary to drive to the autox pad, and i always stay at or below the speed limit with everything set to full soft. this setup does not afford much room for emergency maneuvers before you yourself are facing the other way.

on my jdm pulsar gti-r i've setup with a 7kg front 6kg rear spring and a whiteline rear bar at full stiff and maybe 1.5 inches lower than stock. i've got a torsen front and 2 way rear diff , so the inside rear tire lift helps me rotate. at these springs rates i already feel its not comfortable for the street, but not stiff enough for autocross.. so i have a setup thats not really good at either..
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