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Thread: Popping sound when turning wheel, new suspension

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2013-02-25 02:06:25
Popping sound when turning wheel, new suspension
I've just changed my struts, mounts, and springs (now matching) and I'm still getting a popping sound when I turn my wheel at a stop. The only thing on the suspension that hasn't been changed is the top plate that holds the spring down. I don't see this as being the issue, but I could be wrong. It does sound like the springs.

Any ideas on what could be causing it? I just got an alignment as well.

2013-02-25 03:14:19
Re: Popping sound when turning wheel, new suspension
Did you replace the upper strut mount/bearing?

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2013-02-25 03:49:07
Check your lower control arm ball joint I was having the same problem And it end up being the lower ball joint Was moving inside the controller Arm
2013-02-25 04:04:57
i would assume you have not replaced the strut mount bearing as this is what my car was doing before i replaced that part.
2013-02-25 06:39:58
Originally Posted by Ben
Did you replace the upper strut mount/bearing?

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agreed. Also, I'd check placement of spring. See if it makes the sound with wheel in the air jacked up so you can try and locate the sound.
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2013-02-25 15:18:19
All good suggestions, thank you.

I replaced the mount and bearing with a kit from KYB on both sides. The lower ball joints are brand new as well. I should probably have someone watch while I turn the wheel and make sure they're sitting still. I'll check the spring position when I get the car into the shop next time. I'm pretty sure that the upper plate (the one that presses the spring down) has the hole off center. If this is true, and the plate weren't turned in the correct direction, would it cause this problem? Something to check anyway.
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2013-02-25 17:16:53
I've had problems getting the spring and hats to settle in properly and do this. I had to pull the assembly part way apart (without letting the top nut off) and shift the rubber donut and make the spring sit perfectly because it shifted when i was bolting it down, or when the car settled or whatever....

It was a pain but what are you gonna do?
2013-03-04 02:25:19
Have someone turn your steering wheel while you look at your springs. If you see the springs pop, its your strut mount bearing.
2013-03-04 09:35:36
Popping sound when at a standstill? Or while moving?
2013-03-04 14:05:57
Standing still. I'll have a friend turn the wheel while I have the car on the lift and see if I can find anything.
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