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Thread: B13 Vs B14- Suspension

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2012-06-10 01:06:33
Since we are so far off track that we won't get back even with GPS and a map, and since I have owned a b14, an NX, and a Classic I can state that beyond any shadow of a doubt that car that handles best is...........

a P10
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2012-06-10 01:06:54
Shawn, I didnt think I needed to point out the sarcasm in my original statement. This thread is pretty funny!
2012-06-10 01:12:08
I think the problem surfaced when you used the words "I rep the streets",and it was not the punch line of a joke.
2012-06-10 01:28:07
Originally Posted by xCONWRATHx
Shawn, I didnt think I needed to point out the sarcasm in my original statement. This thread is pretty funny!

Whooosh. I shoulda caught that.

My only consolation is that Topdog "liked" your post and I know he missed the sarcasm as well.

Originally Posted by Topdog781
Don't give me that BS bro.....

No BS. Tell me that your 3-point-bolded-font declaration was not intentionally disregarding the Suspension Thread. A pointed attempt, dead obvious. And filled with negative connotations.

Originally Posted by Topdog781
I complimented your suspension thread before...I even urged you to update it in the past....but you probably don't remember that part right?...... figures......... I understand where your coming from on that.....but that truly was not the point of the thread....

We've also gone round and round on facts vs. opinions before. Which did not end well. For you. But you probably don't remember that part, right?

Nor does complimenting the Suspension Thread at one point, allow you to be so callously, scornfully and pointedly dismissive at another.

Originally Posted by Topdog781
What I doing is giving the people a chance to voice their opinion with out the bs from race car drivers who favor the b13 just because alignment settings customizable in the rear end

"BS from race car drivers." BS. Glad you made that perfectly clear. In your little rebellious and stubborn mind the opinions of Mike K and Steve (98sr20ve) are bull-shit opinions.

And "customizable alignment settings" in the rear end are NOT why folks with actual (real, no Bull-Shit), expertise favor the B13.

Originally Posted by Topdog781
..... I don't want to hear their BS..... I don't care for what they have to say, because I have found discrepancy's from reading information on here before....."which was considered the right way to do things"

You don't care for what they have to say because you are an ignorant, bull-headed, fool.

I have had a few discrepancies in The Suspension Thread. All of them have been corrected. If you find any, please point them out.

None of those discrepancies have anything to do with the differences between the two chassis, and which one is superior in stock form, and which one can be superior if you bend the rear beam. There is no discrepancies, no disagreement, no argument. From or between the experts.

Originally Posted by Topdog781
The way you sound your treating these threads as if there like scripts the bible or something, there not..... even the bible is not 100%..... fact to the matter everything on here is opinion. Regardless to who said what or how many years they have been tuning these cars......

Until someone actually comes up with a different set of facts, or more educated contradictory opinions based on expertise (good fucking luck), what is contained in any or all of the threads in the Technical Library (Information Library) is indeed considered facts.

You think this little half-baked think-tank of yours is proving or going to change anything? You're sadly mistaken.

Originally Posted by Topdog781
I'm treating this topic like the discussion on global warming .....

OK Man-Bear-Pig, you just treat it like global warming. Holy christ-on-a-platter, you are a delusional, egocentric, self-absorbed, narcissistic dumbass.

Basically, Mike K and Steve are wrong, and you are looking for equally uneducated opinions (as opposed to opinions based on expertise) to stroke you and tell you you're correct. You're not. You're just masturbating over a dead horse.

You keep opening your mouth and confirming your ignorance.

Shawn B
Last edited by Shawn B on 2012-06-10 at 02-48-20.
2012-06-10 01:41:24
Oh c'mon, B13. Next question...
2012-06-10 02:01:15
Shawn and Topdog, take the non suspension talk to PMs please. Consider this a proper warning.
2012-06-10 02:17:07
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Shawn and Topdog, take the non suspension talk to PMs please. Consider this a proper warning.

I don't know what you are talking about Mr. Fenner. I don't have a problem with you or any Staff admonishing me or reigning me in. But it ought to be on track sir.

I know you have excellent reading comprehension, but you need to re-read every single one of my posts. I just did. I have been discussing the topic of Which Car Handles Better since my very first post, though and including my last post. I've made it a specific point to do so. Despite Mr. Dawgs attempts at diverting the topic to anything and everything else with his childish and pathetic taunts and insults.

This post is thee only post of mine that is not on the topic of Which Car Handles Better.

I'm just happy to see that Mr. Reppin The Streets has finally cleared up exactly why he made this thread. He just needed a little friendly help to clarify his utterly brilliant position, thought-process and intentions.

Shawn B
Last edited by Shawn B on 2012-06-10 at 05-38-08.
2012-06-10 02:26:25
2012-06-10 02:40:31
Aww, that's funny!
2012-06-10 12:55:57
Originally Posted by Shawn

Basically, Mike K and Steve are wrong......

Shawn B

You made reference to that and more than once.... I didn't..... but in your best efforts to make me look like the bad guy once again you've tried failed horribly. Actually I was going into the topic of who I agreed with more later in the thread before you derailed it with your incoherent jiber jaber. So go back into your dark lit room with your comic books and spare us the time reading your crap responses, your embarrassing yourself.

Originally Posted by BenFenner
Shawn and Topdog, take the non suspension talk to PMs please. Consider this a proper warning.

No disrespect....I'm getting a warning Ben? I already warned you early through PM's where this was going and you refused to help me out. This is not the first post he has came in talking his useless trash....but because people favor his presence around here he gets his way 90% of the time, so be it.
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