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Thread: B13 Vs B14- Suspension

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2012-06-09 13:20:02
B14 is great for straight line stability, may be the reason why you aren't so excited over the relatively looser B13 design
2012-06-09 13:37:16
I was thinking, stock for stock, the B14 feels like it may yeild higher lateral G's, but the B13 has more of a "tossable" feel to it.

They are certainly different in how they go about sending feedback to the driver.
2012-06-09 13:43:02
I don't think I've ever been in a B14, let alone drive one. No votey for me.
2012-06-09 16:04:05
Originally Posted by Topdog781
Now the heated debate I have a fully bolted suspension on my B13 I have to say I'm not entirely impressed with the way it handles after hearing all the raves about this thing over the years...... So which car handles better in your opinion, the B13 or the B14?.....I'm not no damn road racer or circuit racer I rep the streets but I have owned both cars. The beam in my B14 was not bent at the time. I'm sort of favoring one slightly....... I'm just curious how you guys felt on the topic...mainly the people who has owned both. Don't forget to vote it's private.

Please no biased Voting based on what some technical geniuses wrote in some tech article....... I would like honest voting based on *your* experience only. If you have not owned both cars you should not be voting Thankyou.

You do not get to dictate the terms of the responses to any thread, ever.

Time for a reality check.

I think I shall start a thread arguing physics.

Then I shall throw out all previous books or written knowledge of any sort on the subject. Fuck Stephen Hawkings, the dude who got hit with the apple, and Albert Einstein. I don't care what they said or say.

Then ask for a bunch of educated-if-I'm-lucky, to semi-educated through uneducated, opinions on the subject.

Originally Posted by Topdog781
By fully bolted I mean , Full suspension bushings done all around, coil over suspension, swaybars front and rear, tower strutbars front and rear. Lower control arm brace. pretty much the maximum level you can go before disrupting the balance of a street car to track car.

This tells us nothing. Not a damn thing.

Which coilovers? What spring rates? How low are they? What are your settings at the alignment shop? Or do you not want to use any experts and set your own alignment? Is the car corner balanced? Which sway bars, and what are they set at? Are you suffering from suspension bind in the rear? Etc...etc...etc...

Originally Posted by Topdog781
The B13 being a hair lighter is what sort of turned me to go this route in the first place.....but my first impressions of the b13 was not great from the start....the suspension was very inconsistent I actually had to take it easy the first 2 weeks I was driving the car, it made me that nervous...the best way to describe the car is that it felt like it was propped up with 2 wobbly stilts in the back. I'm sort of mastering it now but honestly I thought this problem would go away once the suspension was modded but I was wrong...

This once again tells us nothing. We have no idea the original state of your vehicles suspension, nor the highly-questionable level of the drivers skill or his expertise, or complete lack thereof, to be able to properly judge a suspension.

If you took your Mr. Reppin The Streets self to a track you could actually explore the limits of either chassis. Unfortunately, you CAN NOT explore the limits of either chassis, even in stock form, on the streets. It cannot be done. You'll wreck or be arrested, whichever comes first, long before you reach the chassis limits of either vehicle. If you argue that it can be done on the streets, that is because your ignorant ass has never been to a road course in either chassis.

Originally Posted by xCONWRATHx
This is a great thread. Awesome discussion.

Disagree 100% Conner. Glad you like it, I think is sucks.

There are about two (2) of you respondents so far that have any credibility and real expertise at all when it comes to suspensions. The rest of you are pissing in the wind. Hate to burst your bubbles gentlemen.

Topdog, I find this thread ridiculous, inane, grandiose, self-indulgent and flat-out disrespectful.

You can ignore my post, I've said my piece on this circle-jerk discussion.

You can argue with me and you know I will shut this motherfucker down. Further, I will ignore your asinine and unbelievably egocentric request "Please no biased Voting based on what some technical geniuses wrote in some tech article....... I would like honest voting based on *your* experience only."

I'd suggest you personally ignore me, but that is up to you Cowboy. You want a full-on rodeo, and I'll happily oblige.

Have fun fellas.

Shawn B
Last edited by Shawn B on 2012-06-09 at 17-10-46.
2012-06-09 17:06:24
Pretty much agreed, Shawn B.
2012-06-09 18:04:48
The B14 has a stiffer chassis. If you want the advantages of a B14 on your B13, then stiffen your chassis.

Too bad you managed to piss off Shawn B, he is the expert on that subject.
2012-06-09 18:09:13
Stiffer chassis and a longer wheelbase.
B13 wheelbase = 95.7 inches.
B14 wheelbase = 99.8 inches.
B15 w/b = 99.8 inches.
P10 w/b = 100.4 inches.
P11 w/b = 102.4 inches.
Last edited by Kyle on 2012-06-09 at 18-14-07.
2012-06-09 18:19:41
Originally Posted by NI
Too bad you managed to piss off Shawn B, he is the expert on that subject.

Incorrect sir. Quite the opposite, as I have clearly stated on numerous occasions.

I will capitulate that I have some degree of personal experience with rather extreme chassis stiffening and it's overall "seat of the pants" effect (NVH, handling) on my Classic. However, that is not backed by any personal testing, expertise or experience. I could tell you what true experts say abut our chassis and how to improve them. Heaven forbid I bring up what folks like Mike...oops...no expert testimony from some technical genius in some tech article.

However, Mr. Reppin' The Streets is not interested in facts nor expertise, he's just arrogantly looking for opinions. Which are like....
Last edited by Shawn B on 2012-06-09 at 18-43-25.
2012-06-09 19:05:03
Shawn, as always...its been a pleasure reading your posts
2012-06-09 19:10:10
B13 handles better.

I have owned a B13 NX2000, B13 SER and B14 SER.

All of these cars had the same suspension mods and the NX 2000 was best by far it even makes the B13 SER feel not up to par.
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