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Thread: B13 Vs B14- Suspension

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2012-06-10 13:01:58
2012-06-10 13:59:12
I think thats how i got my wife, i sprayed her in the face with my "magic" wand.

Edit: Can we move this to the Off-Topic section? Not sure anything productive is going on here. I tried but it seems no one listened.

OP, if you want a good discussion please list specifics of your setup on your B13 & B14 and we can get to the root of what is going on with your car or why you prefer one over the other. This topic was vague at best and to make a valid topic we need specifics.
2012-06-10 14:12:45
Originally Posted by Andreas
never heard that crap before in my life.

In stock form that NX2000 was crazy. It was the best handling FWD car until the Type R Integra came out.
I've heard this a bunch of times, but didn't the Shelby GLHS out-handle both of them?
2012-06-10 14:26:19
Originally Posted by BenFenner
I've heard this a bunch of times, but didn't the Shelby GLHS out-handle both of them?

Nope and I am a fan of both cars.

people, need to consider what the NX2000 did in the handling department.

imagine if the NX2000 had an upgraded version like the type R.

Lets call it the NX2000 R, with front and rear strut tower bars, larger front and rear sway bats and 15" rims with 205/50/15s. It would have become a legend.
2012-06-10 14:45:10
Seriously though you can climb in the seat of a b14 and take it through some twistie's and it doesn't take long to realize that the car just doesn't handle...and I'm a b14 owner.
2012-06-10 14:50:53
Originally Posted by Topdog781
You made reference to that and more than once.... I didn't..... but in your best efforts to make me look like the bad guy once again you've tried failed horribly

Yes. I have referenced that, despite your best efforts to ban The Technical Library and suspend the FACTS from this thread.

As for failing to make you look like the bad guy, nope. I made damn sure that folks see exactly what you are up to with your buffoonery, manipulation, and ill-fated attempt to negate the facts for your one little attention-whore thread.

You tried to create some hypothetical, arrogant, flat-out absurd rule for this thread, so you could discuss a topic that you knew in advance requires zero discussion. The world revolves around you. Simply brilliant.

Originally Posted by Topdog781
Actually I was going into the topic of who I agreed with more later in the thread before you derailed it with your incoherent jiber jaber.

Wait a second. Now YOU were going to bring up the Suspension Thread that YOU attempted to ban from this discussion?!? You put it in 3-point type, bold faced type Dawg.

Pleeeeeease HotDog, that is the most pathetic, sad, smelly load of crap you have unceremoniously dumped on this thread yet. I suppose you would put in another DECLARATION at some point to now "go back to the regular forum program" where we actually acknowledge that we have an accurate, factual knowledge base?

Anything else you want to try to control or manipulate as it suits you for your little egocentric world? Any other way we can all make special accommodations for you and your precious threads?

Originally Posted by Topdog781
What I doing is giving the people a chance to voice their opinion with out the bs from race car drivers who favor the b13 just because alignment settings customizable in the rear end...I don't want to hear their BS..... I don't care for what they have to say,

So now your story is that you were going to bring up what you derisively refer to as "the bs from race car drivers" after you attempted to exclude it in the first place?!? The information that you "don't want to hear" because you "don't care for what they have to say." That is what you were going to surprise us with at the end of this glorious thread?!? Do you realize just how stunningly pathetic, delusional and see-through that sorry excuse sounds?

That is your current story, you were gonna change the rules again later in the thread, on WHY you even made this stupid thread?

Originally Posted by Topdog781
So go back into your dark lit room with your comic books and spare us the time reading your crap responses, your embarrassing yourself.

Sure kiddo. Whatever you say DiggetyDog. Just like you would like everyone to spare themselves the time reading the Suspension Thread with all it's BS and crap from race-car drivers because you, in your infinite wisdom, don't agree with it.

Originally Posted by Topdog781
No disrespect....I'm getting a warning Ben?

Oh man up DoggyDog. You fucked with the bull, now you're getting the horns. Ben is doing his best to save this doomed thread and restore order to our forum.

Granted, he needs to find a better, more accurate, reason to tell us both to shut the fuck up before I capitulate graciously to his wishes. Ben is a stickler for exact and excruciating detail and I know he will find a proper reason soon. Hell, he could tell me to shut-the-fuck-up because I am acting like an asshole. That would be plenty accurate enough for me.

Originally Posted by Topdog781
I already warned you early through PM's where this was going and you refused to help me out.

Not as early as me Snookums. I reported my first post, the minute I posted it. I also warned your sorry ass not to respond to my first post. A warning you ignored, and here we are Precious.

Originally Posted by Topdog781
This is not the first post he has came in talking his useless trash....but because people favor his presence around here he gets his way 90% of the time, so be it.

This is not the first time you have played yourself for the deserving fool child. Deserving of my sole, undivided, and focused attention.

Ban the Technical Library and specifically, pointedly, arrogantly, absurdly, The Suspension Thread from a discussion on suspensions?!? Why not put on an all-red outfit, tie a cow-bell around your neck, shackle your own feet together with an 18-inch chain, slather yourself with honey and then go smack a hive of Africanized Bees? What the hell did you think would happen Mr. Mensa?

TopDawg, you're a freaking joke, crawfishing, back-peddling, and coming up with all your grandiose ideas about how to manipulate us in a discussion to suit your little pathetic needs for attention. With a laughable "heated debate" about a topic that is already incontrovertibly anchored in facts from experts.

Ben you do what you gotta do sir. Unlike the Dawg, I take responsibility and can live with the results of my behaviors and actions. You and I both know that I am in this thread until the bitter end, consequences be damned.

Shawn B
Last edited by Shawn B on 2012-06-10 at 15-14-43.
2012-06-10 15:10:23
I like them both.
2012-06-10 15:20:20
I think we are done here folks.

OP if you really want a civil discussion on this matter, list what your suspension mods are as was requested by multiple replies to this thread. And realize that you will need to bring a strong argument to show the superiority of your chosen platform. In most cases the facts just do not bear out your position.
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