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Thread: B13 Vs B14- Suspension

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2012-06-09 04:21:10
Originally Posted by vqman
By "fully bolted b13 suspension"... what do you mean, actually? What suspension mods do you actually have done to your B13, just curious.

That's what I was gonna ask. I did struts and springs on my B14 and it still handled like crap. I never touched any of the bushings or anything. On the P11 I did bushings too and it handles a ton better then the B14 could even dream of.
2012-06-09 04:43:44
own a b13 now...have driven and ridden in many....never owned a b14 but drove several....rode in many......equal parts to equal parts it's b13 all day...especially if the nx is included....b13 is lighter...rear set up is what kills the b14....and it's weight....in my opinion anyway
2012-06-09 05:20:09
Originally Posted by Vadim
Biggest problem with the B14 is it comes with .25" of toe by default, which forces it to understeer more. So unless you get the beam bent, the B14 is a loss out of the box.

I disagree. This was never a problem...my car took corners like a champ. Maybe when the car is doing 120 in mph corners, it experiences that problem but that is not my concern at that point.
Originally Posted by VolcanicSE-R
When you say B13 does the NX count?

Oh yes....of course. This applies to pretty much any one that has gone from rear beam to independent rear suspension. I just used B13-B14 because these are the popular choices.So I used them for reference...I just happen to own both too...
Originally Posted by vqman
By "fully bolted b13 suspension"... what do you mean, actually? What suspension mods do you actually have done to your B13, just curious.

By fully bolted I mean , Full suspension bushings done all around, coil over suspension, swaybars front and rear, tower strutbars front and rear. Lower control arm brace. pretty much the maximum level you can go before disrupting the balance of a street car to track car.

Originally Posted by boomstickracing
own a b13 now...have driven and ridden in many....never owned...../ .b13 is lighter/...............

The B13 being a hair lighter is what sort of turned me to go this route in the first place.....but my first impressions of the b13 was not great from the start....the suspension was very inconsistent I actually had to take it easy the first 2 weeks I was driving the car, it made me that nervous...the best way to describe the car is that it felt like it was propped up with 2 wobbly stilts in the back. I'm sort of mastering it now but honestly I thought this problem would go away once the suspension was modded but I was wrong...
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2012-06-09 05:22:20
b13$ without a doubt
2012-06-09 05:34:38
What about the B14 with a B15 rear beam with a little less toe in? I can get the rear to swing around easily. Most of my understeer at this point is from power-on. But when you lift you get a bit of oversteer. i have no sway bars installed anymore. It handles more neutral this way to me, but there is a bit more body roll (obviously).

The B13 seemed to handle really well but it was also a lot slower... I'm sure with the right setup the B13 will perform better overall with less work. I don't doubt that at all. But the B14 keeps things cheaper and simpler... at a cost.
2012-06-09 05:53:54
This is a great thread. Awesome discussion.
2012-06-09 06:17:43
Definitely B13. Stock for stock better, equal part for part comparison better. The rear beam in the b14 kills it as has been stated. I know its basically a repeat post from what others said, I wanted to justify my vote at least with a response. Ive driven both, my vote always goes b13.
2012-06-09 08:05:22
I have lots of fun in my b14 around turns. I think if it came down to it, the b13 wouldnt even be ahead if driven by the same driver. Same hp and weight. Honestly
2012-06-09 08:42:16
some one make a B13 VS P10 SUSPENSION thread (seems alot more fair to compare those 2 chassis rather than a evolution of a chassis from the predecessor to the successor ......idk... er body knows B13 wins this hands down. best part is, better turning radius!)
2012-06-09 13:17:29
Get rid of the after market front sway bar for the stock.

I think this comes down to what your setup is and how to fix it to make it what you want.

My B14 had bushings all around, White line caster bushings, new ball joints, wheel bearings, bump steer eliminators, GC coilovers, front and rear strut bars, AGXs, and ST sway bars front and rear. It was ok but still lots of under steer. I should have bent the beam and put the stock front sway bar back on to make it more balanced.

The B13 solves a lot of the problems that the B14 has. With adjustable rear control arms you can dial in the camber and toe you need a lot easier than you can with the B14.

I honestly believe that either car can handle just as well as the other with the right mods. It comes down to how the driver wants the car to handle and respond.
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