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Thread: Brake Balance problem with Rear Maxima brakes and Altima MC

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2009-08-18 15:05:02
Interesting discussion for sure.

Years ago I went to the 15/16" Altima master cylinder on my otherwise stock NX2000 brake system (no ABS). The Altima MC provided very short travel and a hard, high pedal. Something I liked and got the feel of, very quickly. I instruct, so the car sees plenty of track days. I thought the Altima MC with the stock rears worked just fine on the track and I ran it that way for years!

After receiving a shipment of the larger NX rear rotors by mistake, I decided to keep them and finish the job by installing the Maxima rear calipers. Since the Maxima's have larger pistons I knew pedal feel and travel would change. And on first drive, the brake pedal was softer and it lengthened somewhat. Other than that, there was no noticeable change in the brakes on the street.

On track it was a different story. With the Maxima rear calipers the car felt much better balanced under threshold braking. It also seemed I could carry on much longer before experiencing fade. That suggested to me the Maxima rears were doing more work and that my previous arrangement (Altima MC with stock rears) was actually less than optimum (mismatched) for the track.

Again, I'm talking about feel and what I sensed. I don't have any hard data like lap times or rotor temps I can lay out to say here it is in black and white. This is the way to go.

The only thing out there for guidance is what the factory did when they shipped NX2000's to Europe. They matched the Altima MC with the larger 91-94 Maxima rear calipers.

Albany, NY
2009-09-12 05:58:20
You can always try the NX proportioning valves on the Altima master cylinder (as long as they both made by the same company)..
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