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2011-11-02 03:18:46
I hear good things about the Salina region, I race in the Wichita Region because it's cheaper to drive to than Salina is.

You can't really hear the tires squeal over the sound of the car, but trust me I was cornering about as hard as it would allow. These are dry rotted Falken Ziex's... As far as accelerating before the Apex, there is no chance in hell that would work in this car; I'd just go straight. Boost comes on almost instantly and with the crappy tires it would just spin. I don't think it is as apparent in the video, but anytime there is rev limiter noise or prolonged loud noise the tires are just spinning which is pretty much most of the track lol. I didn't take the car out there to see how well I could drive, I just wanted to see if it would do it without blowing up!

As far as how fast the course is; on the return crossover, I was bouncing off the rev limiter in second in my RX-8 which is about 70mph I believe. The course before this one there was oppurtunity to shift into third gear in the RX-8 but it would be pointless.
2011-11-02 04:56:22
Here are the pics that my friends fiancée took that day of the rx-8 and the sentra.
Mobile Photobucket

Those falkens look awful scary lol.
2011-11-02 13:02:27
I've done some fun runs on my Falken 912's. Aside from the soft sidewalls, they're not terrible, more entertaining than I expected. I don't know if they're as good when they get old, though.

I guess it's better to break traction than the transmission, though.

Originally Posted by Bucky13
Freaky;I went to Crawford Elementary school in 1966.I assume that's nearby,it is Salina afterall

Salina was the home of Solo Nationals up to 1994. If the site were as wide as it is long, it probably would have never left.

I've been up there a few times for divisional events. Loved the grip, on three wheels the entire time when in the SE-R.

img_9566.jpg » 6/27-6/28 Salina MiDiv » 2009 Autocross | GotCone Autocross & Rallycross Photos
2012-02-24 12:25:43
Awesome! Can't wait until this season starts!

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2012-03-25 03:57:21
This just looked like it was too much fun... Who needs trophies if you can hear that every event..
2012-03-27 00:29:36
Lol badass. Whats the setup in the car? Sounds great.
2012-03-27 04:42:01
Originally Posted by nismo94tuner
Lol badass. Whats the setup in the car? Sounds great.

You've just been busted complimenting a boosted car.
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