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Thread: DE head package - on a budget - infotainement

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2015-07-21 20:16:23
Waiting on MartinS.... seems we might be doing a 4 port CA18DE instead........ I've received a set of CA18DE Toda valve springs, and an engine kit (valve seals).... but finding a good 4 port CA18DE head isn't all that easy... or cheap. I've got a bunch of inquiries out...

One person got back to me... but his method of payment - Moneygram - wouldn't allow the deal???? So after that failed... I'm back to looking @ more "official" sources - salvage yards.
2015-07-22 21:40:07
Sorry guys - I had a total 'car sabbatical' the first half year of 2015.
I am now assembling the car to hit track on friday for some testing. Right now I am not sure where this is heading...
The CA18DET is a project for a customer and I recommend Mr. OST for all his superb head work!
Sorry guys - We will continue this, when time is right ...
2015-07-23 13:47:16
I'm about ready to send you a SR head
2015-10-28 18:43:35
Sub'd. Nice work!
2015-10-28 21:54:37
Hi SR20-forum.... apologies for not logging in sooner, the CA18 work never materialized, but I've been busy with a number of Toyota heads. Most recently one 20V Silvertop, and one 20V Blacktop.... a few recent scans.....

20V Silvertop exhaust showing ports and short radius

20V Silvertop showing the 3 angles of the valve job

and a few pics showing some 20V Blacktop porting. A bit from the intake side, showing upclose short radius work

and a little from the exhaust side

and similar to Silvertop photo above @ short radius, and port, this time its the Blacktop head

Originally Posted by 1fastser
I'm about ready to send you a SR head

I have time...... send me an email [email]oldeskewltoy@yahoo.com[/email]

forgot to include the equipment upgrades....

see those long burrs in the back... also note the 3 tall sanding drums in the 2nd row on the left... all purchased with SR20 long intake ports in mind....

Additionally, the Black & Decker RTX finally bit the dust, so it is time for a REAL upgrade....

A Foredon SRX (1/6hp) motor, dial control, and 2 hand pieces, one capable of using 1/4" bits, and the other small, and easily maneuverable. Still holding on to the Dremel for its higher rpm capability - provides that wonderful finish on the exhaust.....
Last edited by oldeskewltoy on 2015-10-28 at 22-11-44. Reason: forgot to include equipment upgrades
2015-10-28 22:14:23
double post
2015-11-15 02:36:51
Rumor has it that somebody dropped a ve head off today..
2016-02-23 18:50:22
The moss is starting to grow on this thread again... Any updates?
2016-02-24 03:25:27
There has been, just on a ve head.

2016-02-26 01:32:30
Thanks for the link... it's a great read in addition to this thread. I'd have liked to see what the DE head was capable of before moving on to the VE, but it's awesome to read by people far more knowlegeable than me. This type of honest and public development keeps me stoked.
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