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Thread: Uneven and low compression Avenir engine from importer - Who has had this problem?

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2014-07-04 00:36:52
Ive contacted them and talked to them about some of the stuff Ive seen them post on ebay... but after so many horror stories, id have to drive up and hand pick something
2014-07-04 01:49:56
It really seems hit or miss with any of the importers sorry to say... I dealt with a local importer that is now out of business and had to 'return' an engine with a 'fight' but after showing leakdown in front of importer and saying my next call will be to my credit card company and then the BBB, they reluctantly took the 'return' (and it doesn't surprise me a bit that they are out of business now)
2014-07-04 17:11:25
Originally Posted by Chris101
...my next call will be to my credit card company...


"The item that I was sold was not what it was described to be."
2014-07-14 16:06:55
I wish I used a credit card... Paypal FTMFL
2014-07-14 16:44:21
Sooo PayPal is failing to help another customer again?
2014-07-22 14:29:18
The engine should be back to Nagano today. What a PITA to get the engine back to them! I took it to Estes trucking (who shipped it to me) and they quoted me $622 bux! Then they said it would be cheaper for me to call a 3rd party shipper.... So I took it back home and found Quote-4-freight and they got me taken care of for $234 and ended up dropping it back off at Estes trucking 2 days later.
2014-07-25 03:12:42
Any word back yet?

2014-07-25 03:27:39
I got my refund today. I'm going to leave a message about the return shipping in the next day or two so they have a chance to look over the engine. I really doubt I get the $234 back.
2014-07-27 17:27:51
I know what you are going through, I looked for months to find a W11 through a reputable dealer. A few places claimed 180 PSI but couldn't explain how they got that from an engine that came from the factory at 156 PSI.

After months of searching here's who I ended up doing business with. I posted this back in March. The engine has been running great.

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2014-07-28 02:56:39
Good to know! I will check with them next time I'm looking.
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