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Thread: BC stage 2 or Tomei poncams

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2013-12-12 12:44:55
I'd stay away from S4s only because damn did it really kill the low end, like bad. Only had them once in my 98 SE, also had header, cold air intake and exhaust. It just was like, nothing and then came on really strong but you had to seriously rev high.

Now that I think of it, it was like a weaker, watered down version of a VE motor. The S3's I had on two cars and loved them, yes not as much peak HP but noticeably more usable, can-drive-around-town-without-flooring-it-in-traffic power.
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2013-12-12 14:52:00
Seriously, stop giving that stupid advices. You dont really have a clue what you talk about. You did AGAIN said something about Tomei cams - he is looking for drop in cams and not for 272° Procams that need valve springs, cam gears and definately a tuning. And even better with hi-comp pistons.

S4´s are best drop-in cams and they loss very little down low (only under aprox. 3500rpm). I did 5+ setups with them, including mine and it was very fast for what it was. They are far better than BC stg2 that are really poor designed for N/A.

You only confuse new members with very bad advices.
2013-12-12 17:15:14
If I can get S4s at a decent rate, I will likely go that route. If not, I feel OK with Tomei's as they should provide gains throughout the rev range with no loss down low. Also, Tomei's new, are still cheaper than S4s used. This is just a temp set-up, so as long as I have some gains and make daily driving more fun I will be more than satisfied.

Storm, I appreciate the input, but from my research, it looks like you had the Procams which require can gear tuning, springs, and ECU tuning. Did you have all the supporting mods in your experience?

Also, outside of timing to *15 and resetting idle to approx 950 rpms, do I need anything else for S4(or any cam) install? I know the Tomei cams should idle stock and from what I have read, they like advanced timing too.
2013-12-12 17:44:33
S4s need nothing to install!

And as @jagy said, Storm is a ways off in his prognosis

In all honesty, used S4s are still a better deal than brand new Tomei considering the minimal price discrepancy

BC stg 2s, IMHO, are absolutely rubbish and there are several threads to back it up. I would prefer to put 91 cams over BC cams all day (and I did and yielded better results for a fraction of the price)
2013-12-12 17:50:27
Originally Posted by Boostlee
I would prefer to put 91 cams over BC cams all day (and I did and yielded better results for a fraction of the price)

How did you measure the "better results" when you compare 91 camshaft set to the BC cams? I am curious to hear your experience.

I went from the 91 intake cam set > BC 2 > JWT S3 > BC 2 and I am thinking about putting the 91 back in again since I don't do anymore fun running. However, from all of those, I would prefer the BC 2 set and I have dyno results and graphs that show all the gains (and losses) of each set except for JWT S3. I could not stand it long enough to get to a dyno.
2013-12-12 17:54:22
Car was Virtual Dynoed prior to a set of both BC2 and 91 SER cam on my turbo B14.

When I measured the BC stage 2 when I took them out, they were off on both ramp height (lift) and duration..........The cams lasted about 50 miles before I trashed them

Never messed with the Tomei, but if going by strictly a physical profile, they seem like a good set of medium cams (the 260s anyways)
2013-12-12 17:56:09
Went from a 91 to the S4s

91 Cam saw 8+ at the wheels drop in. The S4s saw close 25+ WHP from the stock 98 cams prior to the NEMU ecu on a pig rich JWT tune

Ninja EDIT: Mileage on the BC were 2K before I dropped them in. Mileage on the S4s were 20K before I dropped those in, so that should tell you something about the quality of the BC stage 2s

As I said, hit or miss those cams
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2013-12-12 18:02:33
I dunno why our results are so different besides you utilizing the "virtual dyno" and I was on real rollers and the fact that the cams are measured with a large variance. Maybe I just got lucky and got a decent set, I still don't understand why the BC 2's are so negative when there is little evidence besides word of mouth. I do appreciate taking the time to share your experiences now. (better late than never, unless it is somewhere else buried)

That being said, I still vote JWT S4 HL.

Anyone have any JWT S4 or S4 HL or S3R (roller rocker) cams they wish to sell?
2013-12-12 18:06:27
Im with Boostle. I have BC stg2 cams in one car I recently bought and its totally terrible to drive. Absolutely no low-mid range power/tq. The simple setup i had on previous car - EUDM 10:1CR highport, SSAC, 2.5" exhaust and intake was overall much faster.

I would just wait for a right set of S4 cams. They are worth the money. And i would suggest to get it tuned, makes even more difference.

2013-12-12 18:07:28
There are several threads regarding issues

Did you not read Brad's thread from several years ago? It's definitely not word of mouth by any means
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